Ho Ho Ho! Yule Time is here. Many events and concerts to be enjoyed during the weekend in the spirit of the holidays. The weather looking nice for the weekend with sun, and a cool calima bringing sand and “fresh” air with the occasional cloud up in the sky.

Friday 22 December, Mogán 

Mogán town hall Christmas program – Puerto Rico

in Motor Grande Plaza, Puerto Rico, it’s an afternoon for children, with Christmas workshops, bouncy castles, video games etc. from 17:00 to 20:00

In Arguineguin from 19:00 the local art school perform “The Nutcracker” in Plaza Pérez Galdós.

At 20:00 a lovely little street parade from Plaza Pérez Galdós to Plaza de los Túnidos.

At 20:30 a Christmas Festival by the skating club ‘Arays’ on the outside court of the Da Silva sports complex.

In the village of El Horno, at the centro sociocultural a clown show starting at 17:30

You can also see the full program of Activities from Mogán town hall for Christmas HERE.

Friday 22 December, San Gregorio, Telde

Sueños de Navidad. Los renos de Papá Noel en San Gregorio

Christmas dreams and reindeers with Santa Claus in San Gregorio, the open commercial zone in the municipality of Telde, this Friday. A Family event from 17:00 to 21:00 in San Gregorio with some big companies collaborating on the event ( Coca Cola, Spar, Bimbo, AquaBona, Donuts y McDonalds to name just a few).

The different activities include crafts workshops; make-up, postcards and Christmas cookies as well as magicians, jugglers and acrobats,and of course the novelty of Santa and Mrs Clause accompanied on this occasion, in addition to their elves, with their traditional reindeer in different activity zones.

Friday 22 December, Santa Maria de Guia 

Mercadillo Navideño de regalos y gastronomía 

Santa Maria de Guia celebrates a great festive day this Friday, a Christmas market of gifts and gastronomy, that will start at 10:00 and will continue until ten in the evening.

A day for the whole family that includes gifts and a food market, a children’s musical, christmas carols, a parade, chocolate Christmas products and, as a finishing touch to the evening, a Concert from the ‘Vocal Siete’ group starting at 20:30.

Plaza Grande and surroundings host the market .

At 17:00 a children’s musical show ‘La Ratita Presumida and at the end, around 18:45 a Parade will begin of Christmas Carols that will depart from the Plaza de Las Huertas to the Plaza Grande.

Friday 22 December, Maspalomas 

I Concierto de Navidad 

The Umiaya Folkloric Association, linked to the Municipal School of Music is giving their First Christmas concert, starting at 20:30 in Parque de San Fernando de Maspalomas. It’s free entry until the place is full.

The Concert, around an hour and a half, will be structured in two sets. In the first, a dozen representative themes of Canary Islands folklore. The second will focus on the interpretation of fifteen Christmas carols and Christmas songs with great roots in the archipelago.

And in the middle of the sets, there will be a big raffle with products donated by partner companies. 

Friday 22 December, Las Palmas 

Las Palmas town hall Christmas program

Two lovely Christmas concerts to be enjoyed on Friday in Las Palmas, both free and open air.

The First one, courtesy of the municipal buses is in Parque San Telmo and the concert starts at 20:30

Another, for the eighth year running in fact, is happening in Jardines del Atlántico ( just next to Alfredo Kraus auditorium ) performed by the popular “La Trova” music group and starts at 21:00.

There will be Carols and songs on Playa de Las Canteras, in the “XIII Christmas Concert of La Trova”, with the wonderful collaboration of Leire, a participant of La Voz Kids ( Spanish “The Voice Kids” )


Saturday 23 December, Puerto Rico, Mogán 

Christmas Party Angry Bird style

It’s Christmas party time at the Angry Birds Activity park located in Puerto Rico.  A full day of festivities from 10:00-20:00. The day includes many activities and an appearance from Santa, taking time out of his busy schedule to collect those last few letters, a show – Once Upon a Time, Christmas stocking hunt with fantastic prizes, Christmas cookie decoration workshop, face painting and so much more …

And remember the next party is on the 30th where Santa will celebrate another successful delivery !


Saturday 23 December, Parque del Sur, Maspalomas 


A solidarity Christmas activity day in the South park Maspalomas. A whole day event from 10:00-20:00 benefitting the Canarian foundation ‘Alejandro de Silva’  against childhood leukemia.

Entrance to the Parque del Sur in Maspalomas is free but to participate in the activities programmed, both for children and adults there are bracelets on sale that allow you to enjoy all the activities offered; performances, inflatables, clowns, magic, shows, workshops, etc.

The bracelets are priced at €10 for children and €5 for adults and can be bought at the entry point to the area.

The Post Office “Correos” is also preparing so that during “Maspanavidad” children can leave their letters to Santa Claus, so do not forget to bring one!  At 17.30 a children’s musical “Santa Claus toy factory” and then the long awaited arrival of Santa Claus!

Saturday 23 December, Las Palmas 

Navidad & Musica en el Mercado del Puerto 

A lovely way to spend the day in on of the loveliest ‘gastro markets’ in all Spain (recently voted ), Mercado del Puerto , located in Las Palmas.

at 12:30 Activities for kids
14:00 Christmas songs
18:00 Visit of the Santa Claus
20:00 music concert


Saturday 23 December, Las Palmas 

30º Concierto de Navidad – Santa Ana

The 30th edition of the “Los Gofiones” the ever popular Christmas concert at Plaza de Santa Ana in Las Palmas.

With more Christmas repertoire than ever and, as always, full of surprises the concert marks for many the beginning of Christmas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Concert starts at 21:00. 

Sunday 24 December, Puerto Rico, Mogán 

Fiesta Mercadillo Agrícola

A Christmas farmers market in the urban park of Puerto Rico, from 08:30-14:00 with live music performance, a Christmas basket raffle with fresh products as well as a visit from Santa Claus.




Monday 25 December, Mogán

Town hall Christmas program 

Christmas mass in Playa de Mogán at 10:00 and in Arguineguin church at 12:00

The little ancient village of Veneguera will once again welcome visitors to their famous traditional living nativity scene.

Now in its 32nd edition, Veneguera’s living nativity will once again be a unique spectacle where traditional Canarian professions and chores are performed and represented.

At 17:30 Christmas mass in the church and at 19:00 Bélen Viviente Canario, the living Nativity scene route in the town.