Dog owners on Gran Canaria are thrilled at being allowed for the first time with their pets to travel on a bus on the island, an initiative by the Global bus company supported by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, who are working to extend the measure to all the transport operators.

Lauded as a great step forward for animal owners from whom there is much demand, said the president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, in the presentation of the good news alongside the Minister of Transport and Mobility, Juan Francisco Trujillo, the Minister of the Environment, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, and General Director of Globalbus SL, Víctor Quintana.

Dogs, cats, ferrets and birds can travel, but not farm animals, up to a maximum weight of 10 kilos, and so long as they are in good physical and hygienic conditions, with only one pet per person allowed, who will assume full responsibility for the transfer.

Animal owners have wanted this for a long time, said Victor Quintana, and Global is responding to the need to adapt public services to the social reality of Gran Canaria and the needs of travellers.

In the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria alone there are 60,000 registered dogs and the Cabildo estimates that in all Gran Canaria the figure to be around 100,000.

Pets must travel in a transport box not exceeding 60 centimeters long, 35cm high and 35cm wide, which can be hard or soft, but always with a waterproof base, In short, it should fit on the knees of the owner of the animal.

Juan Francisco Trujillo also said that the Cabildo, through the Single Transport Authority, will work to extend this measure to the rest of the passenger operators on Gran Canaria, both interurban and urban.