The weather forecast points to changes for the weekend. The thermometers will record a rise in daytime temperatures and there will be a predominance of high clouds, according to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) .

A cloudy start expected for the north of the island on Saturday, elsewhere  clear, with possible cloudy intervals in the morning and high clouds in the afternoon.

Incoming calima predicted, more intense during the afternoon, affecting most areas across the island, from coastal areas up to the summits, and likely to reduce visibility locally to less than 5000 meters.

Temperatures will rise slightly. Moderate northeast winds are expected to be more intense on the northwest and southeast coasts, with breezes on the southwest. Inland and summit areas can expect loose to moderate winds.

Partly cloudy or clear with some intervals of high cloud expected for Sunday. Low probability of Calima continuing during the first half of the day, mainly to the west.

As we head into next week temperatures starting to drop again with intervals of cloud and a return to prevailing winds.