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Yellow Advisory for strong seas and winds

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have issued a yellow advisory

Intense Saharan Dust over Canary Islands

December 25 across The Canary Islands was marked by intense clouds of Saharan dust

The Canaries maintain rainstorm alerts

The first lashings of storm weather hit Gran Canaria last night with downpours

Thunderstorm alert for the Canary Islands

Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET have brought forward their warning

Heatwave 38.5ºC in the shade Gran Canaria

The latest heatwave to hit The Canary Islands has been producing highs on Gran Canaria

Heatwave: Orange Advisory on Gran Canaria Extended

(AEMET), the Spanish State 

GC High alert for 40˚ max temperatures

The sweltering August heat waves continue on Gran Canaria, with 40˚ predicted in the shade 

Gran Canaria Orange Advisory 37º+ in shade

If you are on Gran Canaria right now you´ll already know it is as hot as Hades, and it’s about to

Blue skies and hot yellow advisory for 36º

A clear blue start to Tuesday and temperatures rising still slightly with highs of 36ºC

GC heat set to soar to 38˚C+ once more

A brief respite this weekend from the very high temperatures in the Canary Islands

Yellow advisory for 38˚+ on Gran Canaria

It’s going to be a scorching weekend ahead, particularly on the southern beaches

Gov. alert: High Risk of Forest Fires

The Canary Islands government has declared an the alert for high risk of wildfires

Rough seas and strong winds advisory

Rough seas and strong winds expected Tuesday and Wednesday, with strong 

37º+ in the shade on Gran Canaria

Yellow advisory warnings for maximum high temperatures will continue 

Gran Canaria Forest Fires Alert Declaration

The Canary Islands government has declared an alert for a risk of forest fires on Gran Canaria

Cabildo asks public to avoid the summits

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has decided to activate the Insular Emergency Plan (PEIN) 

Prealert declared for wind, rain and snow 

The regional government has declared a “prealert” in the Canary Islands for adverse 

Strong winds increase the risk of fires

The strong gusts of wind up to 70 km/h that Gran Canaria has been experiencing

Canary Islands winds & even possible snow

The advisory for strong winds has been raised to Orange (Important Risk) for some of the islands

Strong winds and rough seas forecast

Winds of up to 85kmph and heavy seas are expected from later today 

Hurricane Alex Heads for The Azores Islands

The subtropical weather system, on which we started reporting Tuesday, has been named Storm Alex

Declared Emergency Level 1 maintained

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria is maintaining the declared emergency level 1 this Saturday

Gran Canaria Declares Rain Storm High Alert

The Canary Islands government this morning urged the population of Gran Canaria to be on alert

State of alert for rain in Gran Canaria 

A state of alert for rain has been announced by The Canary Islands government

First ‘Borasca’ of Autumn on Friday

Just one month into the season an Autumn storm is expected to reach the Islands tomorrow

Yellow alert for rain and strong winds

The Meteorological Agency AEMET has put out a yellow warning for rains and strong winds

Yellow Alert for Rain on Friday

A pre-alert notice has been sent out by the Protección Civil warning of heavy rains in the Western Isles

Orange alert declared for Thunderstorms

The Canary Islands Government Directorate General of Security and Emergency has declared an alert 

Yellow Alert for Storms & High Temperatures

The Canary Islands are expecting a more tropical feel and occasional storms from Wednesday