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42 years of Saharawi resistance, Western Sahara’s right to decide

The end of February 2018 marked the 42nd anniversary of resistance, initiated by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), against Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara, to this day a disputed territory with no universally recognised government. The Saharawi people and solidarity associations say they are closer than ever to the referendum promised to them nearly 30 years ago, particularly after a recent ruling from the EU Court of Justice on fishing rights and the position held by the African Union, on which both Morocco’s capital, Rabat, and the Sahawari government in exile, the Polisario, have much to say. The...

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Mogán Policía Local issuing tickets outside Arguineguín Spar

Policía Local agents in Mogán, it seems, have decided to start issuing tickets to shoppers who park directly in front of the main Spar supermarket in the sleepy little southern Gran Canaria fishing-cum-tourist town of Arguineguín. One man who left his black BMW out front for a few minutes on Thursday morning, while he popped in to  pick up a few items, returned to find a yellow ticket being issued by two policemen. When he complained to staff at the shop that he and everybody else frequently park there, two different managers came out to try to help the...

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Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations at The Old Brogue

There are a number of great ways to celebrate Paddy’s day on the subtropical island of Gran Canaria, none more authentic an atmosphere than the full day of entertainment planned at The Old Brogue, down in Playa del Cura. A fun fueled gathering featuring live music and homestyle Irish cooking is bound to be packed out once again to the sounds of some of the island’s very best musicians including A touch of Dutch from mighty crooner Erik, the delightful lilt of Donnie Cameron, that world famous Mercenary Fiddler Elsa McTaggart accompanied as ever by her twinkle eyed partner...

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Man arrested in Maspalomas for posting a sex video of his ex-girlfriend on the internet 

Policia Nacional in Maspalomas have arrested a man alleged to have broken privacy laws by publishing a sex tape on the Internet, of his ex-girlfriend from six years ago. The investigation began when agents received information, through Interpol, in which Humberside police in the United Kingdom requested collaboration to clarify a complaint filed there. The victim, a woman of British nationality, denounced the suspect after having been reportedly harassed over the last four years by a man she met on her vacation to Ibiza back in 2012. The recording of them having sex was presumably made without the woman’s consent. When the...

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Canarian airports moved 6% more passengers in February

Canary Islands airports dealt with a total of 3,560,704 passenger journeys in February, representing an increase of 6.1% over the same month of last year, thanks to the pull of routes from mainland spain, according to data from Aena. Of the total commercial passenger journeys (3,505,207), 2.39 million correspond to international routes, a number that repeats almost the same figures as last year, 1.1 million to domestic flights, which have contributed 22 percent more travelers . The archipelago’s airport with the highest passenger traffic was that of Gran Canaria, with 1,125,270 flight (+7.1%), followed by Tenerife Sur, with 928,910...

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