This Wednesday morning a fairly small earthquake has been reported from various places across Gran Canaria.  Tremors were felt from Agaete to Vecindario.  INVOLCAN, The Canary Islands Volcanic Institute (Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias), have reported that at 08:19 (Canary Islands time) The Canarian Seismic Network operated by INVOLCAN registered a quake with a magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale, to the north east of Gran Canaria, not far from Telde and the capital Las Palmas, at a preliminary depth of between 10 & 20km below the island.

In the early hours of this morning they registered a seismic swarm made up of more than 60 small-magnitude earthquakes, in the surroundings of Vilaflor, Tenerife, at depths of 7-10 km. The first event was recorded at 02:46 (Canary time). Updates are expected to follow throughout the day.

The Canary Islands are volcanic and earth movements of this sort are quite common, with no evidence yet suggesting that this is anything more than a normal event among the thousands of minor tremors measured across the archipelago every year.

**Update with new information

Local Spanish language daily, La Provincia, has subsequently reported that eight smaller tremors of some significance were detected in the early hours of this morning before the sun rose, the first of these little quakes was recorded at 03:00 hours at a depth of 9 kilometers, magnitude 2.4 and with the epicentre below the South Tenerife municipality of Adeje, and saying that the last one was detected at 07.18 hours off the coast of Telde, Gran Canaria, at about 18 kilometres deep at a magnitude of 3.6 .

The main 112 emergency service has reported that about twenty calls were received reporting this movement, which was felt by many among the population, but that no damage has been reported.

Other seismic movements of note occurred, at 03.01 hours, at a magnitude of 1.5 and at a depth of 7 km, located in Guía de Isora, in Tenerife, where at 03.15 another was detected, with a magnitude of 2, at a depth of 8 km. More were detected in the area of magnitude 2.9 at 10 km deep, a magnitude 2 at 8 km, and at 4.54 hours at a depth of 7 km and magnitude 1.7, with one that followed at 05.16 hours at a depth of 10 kilometres again in Adeje and of magnitude 1.7.