The Canary Islands Ministry of Health has confirmed at least 101 active cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the autonomous community, to which must be added the 7 recovered patients and one death. The cumulative total of cases as of 12:00 midday this Sunday is 109.

By islands, Tenerife has confirmed 75 accumulated cases, 70 active cases and 5 discharged; on Gran Canaria there are 20 cases confirmed, 19 active and 1 death; on Lanzarote 3 cases; on La Palma 5 cases; on La Gomera 3 cases in total, one active and 2 discharged; and on Fuerteventura, 3 cases.

Of these cases, 33 have been hospitalised; 9 of them in a serious condition, 8 on Tenerife and 1 on Gran Canaria.

The Ministry of Health insists on following the instructions established to overcome this virus and stop the upward curve of infections and complications that may arise from them. For this, the Government of The Canary Islands requests that the population collaborate with all measures established by the Government of Spain.

It must be remembered that it is essential to protect risk groups such as the elderly or people with previously existing conditions and those whose bodies may be immunosuppressed. Therefore, the most effective measure is to avoid contact with these people, especially young people who are often asymptomatic carriers of the virus, meaning that though many may have it they do not know and do not present symptoms.

Coronavirus hotline

For the sake of better care, the population is asked to use resources rationally. The coronavirus service telephone number enabled by the Ministry of Health is 900 112 061. This line has been reinforced to assist all those who have symptoms (such as cough, fever, headache, etc.) and who have been in contact with people who have travelled to risk areas such as Madrid, the Basque Country or Italy. From that line all testing will be assessed and managed.

The 1-1-2 phone line is for emergencies only.