The Local Police of Mogán on Monday, March 25, launched a special operation to put an end to the scourge of the “trileros”, the 3-card tricksters sometimes to be found down in Playa de Mogán, as well as a few other areas around the municipality.

A detachment formed by several agents of Local Police will maintain a pressence in the area of ​​Playa de Mogán “daily, constantly and permanently”, to prevent the cardsharp trileros from operating, with the aim of definitively expelling the practice from the municipality. Up until now, there has been a group of officers specifically tracking the trileros, but now they will intensify their actions with a special operation that began last Monday.

“Playa de Mogán was the only remaining resort that was left to the trileros to operate in, and the game has run out,” said Mencey Navarro, Councilor for Security, thanking the agents of the Mogán Policia Local “for the special service that they lend against this illegal practice ” At the same time as it recognising the unconditional support of the business community and residents of the zone in the eradication of this practice. “Without citizen collaboration everything would be much more complicated, so it is fair to give thanks to neighbours, businessmen and other tour operators,” said the mayor.

The trileros and pickpockets are often located in the vicinity of the bridge that connects the area of ​​the Port with the beach, as well as on the seafront, and now their time is running out… according to the town hall…