National Police have detained two men, the first aged 38 and with 15 prior police records and the second aged 51 with 69 previous records, as alleged perpetrators of a burglary at an apartment in Playa del Águila, on the South-southeast coast of Gran Canaria.

In a Police statement they explained that the investigation began after a man reported that on the morning of September 28 he had noticed that his wallet, which contained cash, bank cards and personal documentation, as well as the keys to his vehicle had disappeared from his apartment while he slept.

In addition, the complainant explained that, when he went outside the complex where he lives, located in Playa del Águila, he was able to verify that the vehicle had also been stolen.

Agents investigating managed to identify two alleged perpetrators of the theft, who have numerous previous police records for crimes against property.

The two arrested men had already been arrested on September 22 after being caught in a tourist complex in San Agustín, also in the south of Gran Canaria, at which they stole numerous effects from three apartments in the hotel complex.

The police officers proceeded to locate and arrest the two suspects as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with force.

Police suspicions were raised by the fact that one of those arrested was thought to have taken part in an attempted robbery in another apartment located in another complex, also in Playa del Aguila, which he had accessed during the night, although, when he was surprised by the occupants, had fled the place without stealing anything.