Agents of the Civil Guard in the offices of the Town Hall of Mogán

During the early hours of Wednesday morning the Civil Guard of Puerto Rico received a report of a supposed robbery from the offices of the Municipality of Mogán Town Hall, on the south west of Gran Canaria. Apparently, officials arrived within an hour to find a scene of total disarray with filing cabinets opened and the draws emptied and files scattered around the office, it is still not known what materials were supposedly taken.

A Town Hall spokesperson has explained that workers who arrived in the very early morning discovered that someone, or a group of individuals, had been there and had ransacked the filing cabinets. The theft reportedly occurred on the second floor of the building, specifically from the Department of Works, Contracting, Technical and Public Services, according to municipal sources.

In a statement from the Civil Guard command it was alleged that thieves could have entered by forcing one of the windows of the first floor, gaining access to the interior of the building.

A serious investigation has begun with agents still awaiting the official report to be drawn up by the Town Council so as to assess the damages of the alleged theft.