A man has been arrested after being accused of theft from a bungalow in Maspalomas, in the touristed south of Gran Canaria, and of having assaulted a minor who had surprised him in the act, reports the Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands. The detainee allegedly stole a wallet, a watch and a tablet, said a statement.

The arrest took place after the complaint of a British man, reporting a theft during his holiday staying at a resort in Maspalomas. The complainant indicated how his son had surprised an individual inside the bungalow in which they were staying.

Having taken a wallet containing documentation, credit cards, 195 euros in cash, a clock and a tablet, the individual then allegedly assaulted the child and fled the scene.

A police investigation identified a 49-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator, with numerous prior police records, who was located and detained by police officers in San Fernando de Maspalomas.