Gran Canaria received 407,000 foreign passengers in March,  23,600 more than during the same month last year, when 383,730 visitors arrived on the island, a 6% rise, according to the latest report published by Spanish airport authority AENA.

These figures now consolidate Gran Canaria’s position of as one of the most preferred tourist destinations, by Europeans, during a period that includes Easter, and once again highlight the Nordic, German and British as primary source markets, leading the arrivals of passengers to the island.

The combined Nordic market was once again the main source of winter arrivals, accounting for 37.4% of total arrivals in March, with 152,000 passengers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland combined, representing an increase of 10,700 visitors (+7.6%). Meanwhile 101,600 travelled from Germany, an increase of 4.7%. Added to this, 71,700 British passengers arrived on the island last month, a modest rise of 0.92% representing 653 more visitors.

In terms of emerging markets, 19,000 Dutch chose Gran Canaria, while visitors originating in Switzerland increased by 22% to total 10,000. The Irish market grew too in March, with a rise of 12% to exceed 7,200 passengers, while visitors flying from Poland recorded a rise of 14.5% to reach 6,255 passengers.

One of the biggest increases in percentage passenger volume came from France, which saw a 40% rise, reaching 4,800 passengers in March.

During the first quarter of this year, more than 1,156,500 international passengers have arrived on the island, a growth 36,500 passengers over the same period last year, a total increase of 3.2%.

Nordic passengers accounted for 38.6% of total arrivals, further consolidating their positive evolution to reach 446,700 passengers added to a 6% increase of 25,200 more people, German numbers rose by 1.6% (4,500 people), to total 290,700 passengers, while 184,750 people flew from the United Kingdom, which actually means an overall decrease of 3.9% -7,500 tourists from British airports compared to the same period of the previous year, when Gran Canaria received 192,000.

From January to March 2018, 53,000 visitors came from the Netherlands, 6.7%, 3,300 more than last year. 27,600 travellers originating in Switzerland increased by 14% adding 3,410 more passengers, while the Belgian market exceeded 24,500 people, an increase of 3% another 705 more visitors.

The report from AENA also confirms positive evolution of various emerging markets including Ireland, which rose 9% to reach 19,600 passengers and Poland, with an increase of 8.4%, 1,400 passengers, to total 18,800 passengers. The French also increased their presence on Gran Canaria during the first quarter with more than 12,300 passengers, representing an increase of 8%, 920 more people, rounding off yet another successful start to the year.