Tubes for amplification of DNA

A Moroccan man married for the last 35 years, with nine children has just denounced his wife and asked for a divorce upon learning that he has been sterile all his life, according to the Moroccan daily Al Massae, as reported by la Provincia.

The unnamed man, from a wealthy agricultural region north of Rabat, a teacher by profession in the small Moroccan city of Sidi Slimane, went to see a urologist for a chickenpox-like lesion on his right testicle that he said he´d had practically his whole life without it causing him any discomfort until recently. While carrying our routine tests, the urologist told him without any doubt that he was sterile and that the reason for the infertility was clearly linked to that testicular cyst, according to a document that the Moroccan newspaper claims to have a copy of.

Outraged, the man, quietly went for further tests to gain a second opinion only to find that doctors didn’t believe it possible he could have fathered any children in the last 50 years. He asked his lawyer to file a complaint for adultery (a crime punishable in Morocco), with a view also to abandoning his responsibilities to the nine children, who he plans to legally disown.

The wife could face prison time if found guilty.

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Miserable bastard!