The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, on Monday, March 26, laid the first stone to mark the start of works to build a new recreational park for Puerto Rico, on the south coast of Gran Canaria. At the event she also buried a time capsule containing coins and local regional newspapers. The works are to begin over coming days and have a deadline of around 7 months with funding of just over €1.2 million from the local municipal coffers.

It was highlighted at the event there there has been a recognised need to build a recreational park in this area for some time due to the urban growth experienced in the zone over recent decades. The town hall estimate “around 2,000 residents, who are concentrated in this area, who may soon enjoy the new space, which will include several recreational areas, a playground, sports areas, as well as becoming the only park for dogs in the municipality it will also include premises to carry out activities and events

The Puerto Rico recreational park is being constructed on a plot of 10,100 square meters located between the residential area of Motor Grande and the tourist zone of Puerto Rico.

The enclosure will be divided into three spaces that will include a children’s play area, a multipurpose sports area, playgrounds, shaded spaces and rest areas. The park square is to be a meeting point for activities, and will have a  cafeteria and a multi functional classroom, among various other features. In the central part of the enclosure, the existing pump station will stay and a dog park is to be built, becoming the first such facility in the municipality of Mogán.

The park will be fenced and its perimeter will be surrounded by a trail for walking, running and cycling along some outdoor gym equipment meant for public use.