The dams on Gran Canaria have managed to collect more than 12 million cubic meters of water during the recent rains, amounts not seen since 2011 ensuring water for the agricultural year.

The island’s water reservoirs have accumulated a total of 17 million cubic meters, much needed water to meet agricultural need, as drought in recent years has has required the transfer of water from the capital to the south as significant cost to the island.

The municipality that most benefited, once again, was La Aldea on the west coast, the Community of Irrigators collected 5.7 million cubic meters in total since Sunday.

Elsewhere Siberio collected 2.8 million m3 bringing it to 89% capacity, Parralillo 2.6 million m3 reaching 64%, and Caidero 340,000 reaching 37% of its total capacity

For its part, Presa de Las Niñas collected more than two million cubic meters and is at 50% capacity, with a water height of 23 meters.

Soria has benefited from almost 1.5 million cubic meters that has allowed it to go from 1 to 11% of its total potential volume, although it still holds on to its historic record, achieved in 2011 when it collected 12.8 million.

The seven water infrastructures exclusively operated by the Insular Board of Water collected 2.2 million cubic meters rising from 12% of capacity to 36%.

The public dam Chira received almost one million m3, bringing it to 24% of its capacity.

Gambuesa reaches 87% after collecting 823,000m3, El Mulato is at 73% with 204,000m3, Fataga is at 43% thanks to an extra 138,000m3, Candelaria is at 80% with 83,000m3 more, while Vaquero achieved 72% with 27,000m3 more. At the moment, Ayagaures has still seen no change, since it only receives water when Gambuesa overflows.

The north has also been favored this time with a million cubic meters more, Lugarejos received 401,000m3, Las Hoyas accumulated 321,000m3, Los Pérez another 168,000m3 and Las Garzas collected 169,000m3.

However, in addition to saving the agricultural year, water has changed the landscape of the dams, as it was a generalized regret to see them with so little water, so the situation promises beautiful views and enjoyment over the coming days, weeks and months.