The Mogán town hall have confirmed the project to build an urban park in Puerto Rico, the tender for which, they say, has already been awarded and will start construction by the end of March. The works have a budget of more than €1.2 million, financed entirely by the Town Hall, and will take approximately 8 months to be completed.

The Puerto Rico recreational park is to be built on a plot of 10,100 square meters located between the residential area of ​​Motor Grande and the tourist resort area of ​​Puerto Rico. The park is set to transform the area from an unused space to a large urban green space, the likes of which the area has lacked for some time.

The governing group of Mogán Town Council announced the details of this work, which it will finance with €1,207,515.85 of public money, on Thursday afternoon, February 8, to the local residents of the El Valle de Puerto Rico Neighborhood Association.

The Mogán Councilor for Works, Ernesto Hernandez, emphasised “we have worked on this project since the beginning of the legislature, but the execution of it has been delayed for longer than we would have liked, since we needed permits from other administrations. But we are pleased to be able to announce that, foreseeably by the end of next March, the works on this new urban park will begin”.

Area for dogs

The enclosure will be divided into three spaces that will include a children’s play area, a multipurpose sports area, games areas, shaded spaces and rest areas. The park square will be a meeting point where citizens may engage in various activities,  with a cafeteria and a multi-functional classroom space, among other elements. In the central zone of the enclosure the existing pump station will be maintained and a park for dogs will be created, this being the first and only space of this type in the municipality of Mogán.

In addition, the park will be fenced and its perimeter will be surrounded by a path for walking, running and cycling. Along the route of part of the path, various sports elements that complement a simple route for runners will be installed.

The park is meant to be a space of attraction and leisure both for the residents of the municipality and tourists, since it will have entrances both to the south – toward Puerto Rico – and to the north – to Motor Grande – as well as a parking area.

Source: The City of Mogán will build a recreational park in Puerto Rico with an investment of 1.2 million euros