The Civil Guard have been investigating three people suspected of thefts from Puerto Rico apartments on the south of Gran Canaria

The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico-Mogán have been investigating three individuals, who answer to the initials SMC (35 years of age and of Spanish nationality ), NA (37 years old and foreign) and SL (27 years of age and foreign), suspected of being the alleged perpetrators of robbery with force in the well known tourist resort town of Puerto Rico, in the southern municipality of Mogán.

The police investigations began last January 29, when staff from a housing renovation company requested a police presence having entered some locked apartments and surprised some people who were inside who fled. Many appliances from the apartments had been stolen after the apartments had apparently been broken into.

After a visual inspection, local agents verified that the majority of the main doors in from the backyards had been forced and that several apartments were missing electrical appliances like heaters, glass-ceramic hob-plates, washing machines and televisions.

During the initial searches a mobile phone was retrieved that was thought to have been lost by one of the alleged perpetrators, along with various cash receipts from a nearby supermarket, leading agents to request security recordings be made available from the video surveillance system which allowed them to identify the alleged perpetrators, who are known delinquents.

Once they were identified, the Civil Guard located and accused them of a crime of theft using force to gain entry to the five apartments.

The accused have been put at the disposal of the corresponding Court, in the town of Maspalomas.