Mystery still surrounds the death of Susanna, a Swedish lady, aged about 50 years old, who was discovered yesterday by the pool of ​​her home in Tauro where she had lived for more than a year, in the south west Gran Canaria municipality of Mogán. At first this was suspected to be a case of gender violence and her Irish ex-boyfriend was considered the possible primary suspect, however after he came forward and volunteered his testimony he was released without charge and the investigation continues.

The fact that her ex-partner could not be initially located, led to suspicion and speculation in the local Spanish press that he had fled the scene after, according to witnesses, there had been a loud argument the night before, leading investigators to consider this hypothesis as a likely scenario.

However, after preliminary inspection, it seems there were no clear indications of physical injuries on Susanna’s body, so now we await the autopsy report that will be produced after the coroner examines her, probably on Monday, at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which will determine the exact cause of her death.

The grim find, by a person who knew the deceased, occurred around 10.00am on Sunday morning at the house that Susanna had rented on Calle Canada in the urban enclave of Tauro. It was this witness who alerted officers at the Guardia Civil Main Post, Puerto Rico -Mogán.

Several agents arrived at the scene and confirmed the death. They initiated their initial investigations and collected statements from several people.

After the arrival of the Judicial Authority of the courts of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Susanna’s body was removed from the scene at around three in the afternoon.

After collecting several testimonies that indicated that there had been an argument the night before between Susanna and her ex-boyfriend, agents focused on finding him as a likely suspect.

Hours later, that afternoon, the man of Irish nationality volunteered his testimony as a witness, having appeared at the house. After answering questions he was released as there were no clear signs of criminality.


Susanna died in the pool area and was found by neighbours. Originally from Västervik in Sweden, she had lived in Gran Canaria for at least a year and a half having previously enjoyed several holidays here. She had worked locally for a sun cream company whose main business is demonstrating and selling products to tourists at hotel pools.

After four o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday a group of neighbors and friends residing on Calle Canada were in a nearby restaurant, next to a supermarket. They knew Susanna because they had played golf with her.

“It’s terrible what happened, I do not understand what happened,”  one of the women in the group told Spanish language daily La Provincia. “She was currently living alone, a friend was staying at her house as a guest for a few days,” the woman added.

The investigation continues, we will let you know when we have more. Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the Guardia Civil, police or write to us here