The Guardia Civil have denounced a 23 year old resident of the west coast village of La Aldea de San Nicolás, for overtaking a school bus full of students on a series of curves on the road that connects with Agaete. This type of reckless driving can carry fines of up to €500 and a 6 month ban from driving.

Agents from the Group for Investigation and Analysis of Traffic (GIAT) discovered the facts last Tuesday when they saw a recorded video, from another driver, that was spreading on the social media networks. In it you can clearly see how a Peugeot 106 tries to overtake the 25-seat minibus on a tight right-hand corner.

At the next turn, to the left, with no visibility for checking to see if another car was coming from the opposite direction, the bus driver is compelled to stop due to the insistence of the car trying to overtake, allowing the young driver to pass with hazard indicators activated, suggesting an emergency.

The GIAT team got  the license plate of the vehicle and managed to identify the driver, who acknowledged that he was  responsible for the infraction, according to a statement released yesterday by the Las Palmas Guardia Civil Command, highlighting that at the time the minibus was transporting 25 high school students from Gáldar to La Aldea.

The Guardia Civil highlighted the conduct of the driver who recorded and published the images on his Facebook profile, “thanks to which this imprudence has been detected and denounced,” added the statement.

The statement concluded by emphasising that this infraction carries with it a fine of up to €500 and six points off the drivers licence. If the judicial authorities were to decide that this dangerous conduct fit with a crime against Road Safety, as described in article 381 of the Penal Code, the penalties could range from between one to two years in prison,  and ban from driving motor vehicles and mopeds for between one to six years.


Dangerous Driving on the road to La Aldea

A 23 year old dangerous driver has been caught by Guardia Civil after a video surfaced on Facebook of him overtaking a bus full of school children on a blind curve while speeding along the coastal road between Agaete and La Aldea de San Nicolas

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Saturday, November 18, 2017