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Puerto Rico tragedy of Donna and Jimmy continues to grab headlines

80 year old Jimmy Breaks has been headline news since the death of poor unfortunate Donna Cowley last week some hours after a supposed argument at his apartment.  Pictures emerged yesterday of a powerless and terrified old man pleading to reporters for help as he was forcibly led away from…

Newsbrief: teacher alleged to have behaved sexually towards children detained in the north of Gran Canaria

Guardia civil detained a teacher earlier this month for violating the sexual freedom of several students to whom he taught private classes. The Guardia Civil detained the 25-year-old

Police close net on Rolex Smash & Grab

National Police continue to investigate the circumstances around the armed robbery in Meloneras

German was shot on sailboat in port

Guardia Civil officers are investigating the death of a German citizen

Puerto Rico night spot owner investigated

The owner of a Puerto Rico nightspot is under judicial investigation 

Two Norwegians found dead in Puerto Rico

Two Norwegian tourists were found dead on Monday afternoon at the Puerto Plata apartments

Police investigate death of Ukrainian lady

The Spanish government delegate to the Canary Islands, Enrique Hernández Bento, 

Drug smuggling sailboat gang caught

13 people have been detained in a joint operation between Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil