Vehicles with Technical Vehicle Inspection expiring from June 1, will have to pass their inspection by the assigned date

Spain’s Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, through the General Directorate of Industry, have reminded everyone that, starting from today, Monday, June 1, additional provisions,  as a result of the decree of the State of Emergency on March 14, that suspended deadlines related to  Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV), are now repealed (void, annulled, cancelled).

Therefore, any vehicles whose ITV expires will now have to pass inspection by the assigned date, without any extensions.

In the case of vehicles that had to pass inspection during the emergency period, an extension was established that varies from between four and six months, depending on the month. 

The General Director of Industry for the Government of the Canary Islands, Yolanda Luaces, has explained that with the decision to apply an extension, she wanted to avoid congestion in the system and asks citizens to “check the date and check the vehicles deadlines on time.” The fundamental purpose of the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), the Spainish version of the UK’s MOT certificate, is to verify that both the general condition and the safety elements of the vehicle are in a condition that allows it to continue to circulate without it posing a danger to its occupants, other road users or the environment.

Here are the established extensions that were allowed under the State of Emergency.  From now on, you will need to make an appointment to have your vehicle checked on time.

-Week 1 from March 14 to 20: 30 days plus 15 additional days.

-Week 2 from March 21 to 27: 30 days plus 2 periods of 15 days.

-Week 3 from March 28 to April 3: 30 days plus 3 periods of 15 days.