For several years The Canary has teamed up with the very finest language teachers on Gran Canaria to bring you exclusive content.

Over the last 4 years a native Canarian teacher, fully fluent in both English and Spanish, has been producing content for our print edition, as well as building his own audience online.

It is with great pleasure we introduce the first in a little series of The Canary Guide to Arucas, from Puerto Rico Language Centre.

Starring PRLC founder Diego Mesa.

The historic town of Arucas was built on the site of one of the first native settlements to be destroyed by the conquering Spanish who arrive in 1478.  It was where the very first banana plantations were developed and where the very first water estates were started to enable the agriculture that was the main economic driver of the island for centuries to come.  Today Arucas is most famous for its rum factory, which you can visit.

If you would like to find out more about guided tours to historic places on the island, get in touch with Puerto Rico Language Centre on +34 928 987 994 or visit any one of their pages to discover more.

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