Policia Nacional have detained a 62-year-old Brit for having allegedly reported a crime he is suspected of having simulated in order to make an insurance claim. The detainee is accused of making a false complaint, that while he was shopping at a popular shopping centre in the southern Gran Canaria tourist resort, four young men had approached him and beat him up until he lost consciousness.

After waking, according to information he submitted to agents, he could see that they had stolen all his belongings, among which were a watch, a gold chain, a leather wallet, a mobile phone, several items of clothes, perfumes and cash, with a total reported value amounting to €3,000. The man did not provide the agents with any description of the individuals.

The police investigation made it possible to verify however that the complainant, who had travel insurance covering such events, appears to have pretended to have been the victim of a robbery with violence. For these reasons, police officers proceeded to arrest him.

The statement issued also made clear that the Spanish State Advocate will request the detainee pay compensation that may correspond to expenses incurred to the administration in having to investigate an event they do not believe occurred at all.

When the corresponding police report was issued, the detainee was placed at the disposal of the competent Judicial Authority.

The police intervention was carried out by agents of the Maspalomas Police Station.