Some cloud this Monday morning in the north below about 400 meters, skies clear in the south but with Calima dust evident.

Temperatures rising in mid to high altitude areas, mainly during the second half of the day. Temperatures more pronounced on the east and southeast slopes, with in-the-shade temperatures ​​that will exceed 36ºC particularly inland and mid altitude areas facing towards the south, however 38ºC+ has not been ruled out. Yellow advisory heat warnings are in place, warning of some risk. Slopes oriented to the north are likely to reach up to around 30 to 32ºC in the shade.  It will be hot everywhere.

North winds, with strong gusts on east and west slopes, potentially very strong in the second half of the day. In mid altitude and high areas, moderate to strong winds from the northeast. Breezes on southern coasts.

With a UV index of 11 it is worth remembering that all temperatures are given in the shade with increases of 5º -10º likely in direct sunlight. Always wear sunscreen.  Advice is to try and stay in doors where is is cooler, stay hydrated, giving special attention to the young, the old, the isolated and to animals who depend on us for their well being.