A minor has been evacuated to the Maternal and Children’s Hospital with second degree burns on one arm and one leg.  The 7-year-old German girl received serious injuries this afternoon after suffering electrocution from a gaming attraction in the Annex II Shopping Centre in Playa del Inglés . The child was rusheed to Hospital in the capital of Gran Canaria via ambulance with second degree burns on her arm and leg.

The incident occurred at 3:50 pm on Tuesday afternoon when the little girl, who is on vacation with her family, was playing on a horrse ride machine at the Alaska Recreational Centre. According to some sources, she may have made it wet, while others, on the other hand, say that the girl was in normal street clothes and not beach clothing. After the electrical discharge, her grandfather and her mother transported her unconscious to the Red Cross post on the beachfront, whose staff were the first to care for the child who was already regaining consciousness.

Given the seriousness of the injuries, the assistance service decided to mobilise a medical team in an ambulance from the SUC Canary Emergency Service, who transfer the minor to the child to hospital in a stable state though with severe burns, according to a report from the 112 Coordinating Centre for Emergencies and Security ( Cecoes ) .

Local Police then took charge of the proceedings and closed the attraction. The technician who originally certificated the electrical installation for the business has been requested to clarify the facts.