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The Canary Awards 2020

Recognising Excellence on Gran Canaria

The Canary Awards 2020 open nominations opened in March and closed on November 30.

Any person, group, business or organisation on Gran Canaria could be put forward for a nomination, by anyone. The point is to recognise hard work, commitment and dedication to Gran Canaria. Everyone who is nominated is literally already a true winner, for having represented the island and its residents so well that they have earned being put forward for formal recognition. Every nominee is a sterling example of the kind of people most valued by visitors and residents on Gran Canaria, and we honour them all.

Once all the nominations have been received The Canary Awards select a shortlist of nominees to be put forward for the public vote. This is basically just a bit of fun, where all selected nominees get a chance to really promote themselves, or their business, their cause, their team, their boss or members of their community and in turn ask the general public to vote.

The Canary Awards is simply a chance to gather and celebrate some of the best of our community, those who really go the extra mile and help to show residents and visitors that this really is the best little island in the world to holiday, live and work on, where the sub-tropical sunshine adds to the bright sunlight we each carry within us.  It’s a good old slap on the back for everyone working hard and smiling brightly to make sure we keep moving forward as a community.

Every Type of worker, volunteer, entrepreneur, performer, artist, carer, team, business or activity is eligible for a nomination

Who is it you think are a superstar?  Who goes the extra mile? Who shows their passion? Who deserves recognition?




How It Works



Anyone can nominate anyone on Gran Canaria, who do you think deserves recognition? You can nominate yourself! You can nominate more than once. Everyone who is nominated is clearly, already, utterly amazing and should feel very proud to know they have been put forward.  The Canary Awards tries to select a broad range of nominees, to move forward to the shortlist, who will all be promoted across several channels to let the world know how brilliant they are. Every shortlisted nominee is already a winner in our eyes.  The public will vote for special recognition for one in each category.


Promote & Vote

Every shortlisted nominee is really a true star on Gran Canaria. These are the people the event is really about. They will each be invited to join us as a winner at The Canary Awards dinner, and promoted for the public vote. It is from here on in just a bit of fun, though some take it more seriously than others, this becomes is a simple game of numbers, of seeing who can let the most people know about their nomination for wonderfulness, and collect the most virtual love online over 7 days of voting. It is simply a chance to say “Look, somebody noticed we work hard and are passionate about Gran Canaria”


Celebrate Gran Canaria

After 7 days of voting and positive promotion, we gather together to celebrate each of the nominees and announce who they are and what they do, and which ones have this year been selected by the public for a special award. Everyone who attends, every nominee, really is a winner, and so we celebrate each other and our island home together. 
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Dinner with The Stars

Dinner Show

The Canary Awards Dinner Show usually sells out quickly, offering a three course meal and night of celebration and entertainment

Join us on the Red Carpet

A spectacular event, for which everyone dresses up to gathers to celebrate every nominee together


Some of the very best entertainers on the island offer a unique show to keep the party going all night long

The Canary Awards 2020

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