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Vox Enters Canarian Politics, Stage Right: Anti-Migrant, Anti-Feminist, Anti-Green, Anti-Autonomy, Anti-LGBT, Anti-Multiculturalism, Pro-Franco politics find a foothold on The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands were unable to avoid the rise of the far right on Sunday, unlike in 2019, writes Natalia G. Vargas in Canarias Ahora. Vox, which previously had no representation on the islands, managed to make its presence felt in several municipalities and councils this May 28. They also secured seats in the Canary Islands’ regional parliament, securing four deputies. “Defending what is ours, our own, and fighting against insecurity” were the slogans that underpinned Vox’s campaign in The Canary Islands, along with “family, employment, and freedom.” This rhetoric, coupled with an electoral program that was repeated across all local elections in Spain, proved sufficient. Dozens of cities and towns on the islands welcomed their first far right candidates of the modern democratic era into Canarian politics, with urban areas serving as their main strongholds.

La Alcaldesa Bueno Secures Incredible Majority in Mogán

Mogán, May 29, 2023 – The often controversial incumbent, O Bueno, La Alcaldesa, has achieved an unprecedented and resounding victory once more in Mogán. The candidate who switched her party’s name, for these elections, to “Juntos por Mogán”, a local ally of the regionalist conservatives “Coalición Canaria” (CC), will once again assume the role of mayor. Her party has clinched a rather noteworthy 17 out of the 21 seats in the Municipal Council of this popular tourism destination located on the sunny southwest of Gran Canaria.

The Canary Guide Día de Canarias #WeekendTips 26-28 May 2023

What an interesting last weekend of May ahead. Weather predictions are showing some rain showers are likely across Gran Canaria. This extended #WeekendTips covers up to Tuesday, when all things Canarian are celebrated on the Día de Canarias. There’ll be some gorgeous Patron Saints’ festivities happening in San Fernando de Maspalomas as well as in Valleseco.

Fun Fact:
Valleseco literally means “dry valley” in Spanish, but is actually one of the wettest municipalities Gran Canaria. Nestling between the famous fresh water sources of Firgas & Teror, half way up the island’s mountainous northern slopes, this area is well known for its apple growers, cider and its weekly market

Six weeks since the unexplained disappearance of Anna-Karin on Gran Canaria

The authorities on Gran Canaria have been engaged in a rigorous search for Swedish tourist Anna-Karin Bengtsson, who went missing in the south of Gran Canaria around April 9. Her unexplained disappearance has caused her family much distress, with no clues to her whereabouts having emerged in the six weeks since they first realised her phone was no longer functioning.


Spain does not currently recognise or approve antigen tests for foreign travellers, ignoring Canary Islands decree

Spanish State Council have recommended that last week’s regional decree from the Canary Islands Government, intending to approve antigen tests for foreign tourists to be used to prove that they do not have coronavirus, be overturned. The non-binding legal opinion, from the supreme advisory body to the Spanish Government, sets guidelines for the central Executive in Madrid. Spain’s Health Minister, Salvador Illa, did not approve the regulation, declared by the regional government, meant to expand the imposition of the PCR test beyond what was originally stipulated. Canary Islands President, Ángel Víctor Torres, and his regional autonomous government, want foreign visitors to be able to come to the Archipelago using either the slightly more accurate and much more expensive PCR tests, or antigen test results, which are faster and much cheaper.

The objective was to avoid the high cost of the PCR, which can be up to €150 per person, making holidays in the Canary Islands more expensive for English, German or Dutch visitors, three of the primary source markets, who are also ranked as of “High Risk” by the ECDC. The Canary Islands have been doing all that they can to try to save their winter tourism season, although mobility restrictions across much of Europe has, in practice, shattered any hopes of achieving that goal. Be that as it may, Illa has not given in to pressure to agree with The Canary Islands insistence on following the ECDC and European Council advice, over Spanish territorial law. The Minister has instead chosen to ignore the autonomous decree (in force since last Thursday);
The opinion of the advisory body chaired by María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, former vice president and former socialist minister in the previous Spanish central governments of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, leaves the authorization of antigens for the screening of foreign tourists solely in the hands of the Ministry of Health. The Spanish Government have chosen to simply ignore the the Autonomous Community’s decree and have not changed a thing to comply with the regional decree, in practice refusing to recognised that anything has changed since its approval last week. Mar Faraco, the president of the Association of Foreign Health Doctors, the officials in charge of public health controls at ports and airport entrances, has simply explained that the Spanish Ministry’s instruction is clear: only PCRs are valid and, are the only available alternative to being turned away, isolation on arrival or even being fined.
Aware that the decree would have no effect without Madrid’s collaboration, Torres himself has been insisting over recent days on the need to “harmonise” state and regional regulations to approve antigen tests. The President of the Canary Islands has recognised that the Ministry of Health have different “scientific criteria” on the suitability of these tests, but the truth is that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Cabinet have taken the view that the Government of the Canary Islands have over reached in assuming powers over territorial borders that in no case correspond to their competence. Legal advisors to the regional Executive understand that the delegation of powers in favour of regional presidents during the state of alarm includes the validation of entry and exit requirements from the territory, as well as establishment of protocols related to public health.

Ángel Víctor Torres, has this Wednesday said in the Regional Parliament that he remains thoroughly convinced antigen tests will be implemented for visitors arriving on the islands, and for this reason he has said that they will continue talking with Madrid to harmonise a common position on the subject.
Torres recalled that the Canary Islands has been a pioneer in the request to use antigen tests and added that it has been impossible to harmonise this criterion due to scientific differences, but made clear that the Canary Islands Executive has acted “with coherence” and “if it is now established that they invade the powers of the State, we will have to defend ourselves legally and continue talking with the Government of Spain” he said.

@avtorresp on the decree for the control of travellers by means of antigens: “If we approved a tourist decree before the resolution, it was mandatory that we defend with another decree what was done previously. We act defending the interests of the Canary Islands” https://t.co/o03OTG6Ewn
— The Canary (@TheCanaryNews) December 16, 2020

The solution to the conflict between the State and the Autonomous Community has only two possible paths: “harmonisation”, as demanded by the Canarian president, where the Spanish Ministry of Health agrees to approve antigen tests as valid for arriving foreigners; or a judicial dispute in which the Canary Islands would have little hope of winning, particularly following the published opinion of the State Council, and little to gain, since the Foreign Health doctors depend on Madrid and will not accept orders other than those from Madrid. By the time the legal controversy could be resolved, a vaccine is likely to already be starting to become widespread and the discussion would have no practical function.
The opinion of the State Council only concerns regulations on the arrival of foreign tourists, but there is also news about the obligations for Canarian residents who return from the rest of Spain during the holidays.
The Ministry of Health yesterday published an order that regulates the return home for Christmas of thousands of islanders who are temporarily in the Spanish mainland, the vast majority of them students. From this Friday, when the order comes into force, these people will have to prove that they are not carriers of Covid-19 by presenting negative results which can be one of three types of test: PCR, a TMA or, in this case, can also approve antigen tests. They must be tested within 72 hours prior to their return to the Archipelago, but it will be the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) that will pay the costs. To do this, returning Canary Islands residents will have to be tested at one of the laboratories that have signed agreements with the Canary Islands Ministry of Health – distributed throughout Spain and listed on the SCS website – and present their flight receipt and a “Canarian resident voucher”, which must also be downloaded from the SCS website. In the event that anyone who comes from the Peninsula is not a Canarian resident, the obligation is the same, though they will have to pay for their own test, at a “special price” using the “Canarian non-resident voucher” (this is also on the SCS website).
Those who cannot prove that they have undergone the analysis must do so within 72 hours after arrival and are obliged to confine themselves to their residence or accommodation until the result is obtained.


The Canary News

Women in Business: 5th Gran Canaria Summit 2019 – Bilingual Event

– Presented by Heroikka Association and the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum

Established in 2013, SFIWEF delivers a platform for diverse international organisations to collaborate and share resources and give visibility to various projects and initiatives, startups and businesses directed at or run by women. The Forum is a unique alliance of international chambers, business associations and organisations which originated in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The Gran Canaria Summit every year serves as a bridge between entrepreneurs from Africa, America and Europe presenting a unique opportunity to support a regional ecosystem of entrepreneurship. It aims to give international visibility to projects and startups launched by women, university students and Canarian entrepreneurs, with the support of the Heroikka Association, Casa África, the US Embassy and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Attendance to the 3-day event is free, but you have to register on the Eventbrite page for a ticket and reserve your seat given that capacity is limited.
Don’t Miss your opportunity…
Reserve your FREE place here

Wednesday May 22, Casa Africa, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
18:00 Presentation of the Summit Summit 2019, Heroikka Association
18:15 Presentation of Institutions: Casa África and the US Embassy – Stewart Tuttle, Counsellor for Public Diplomacy, US Embassy
18:30 Round table: Ecosystems of Innovation for and by Women: Looking into Africa*

Alicia Castillo Holley, Investor, Entrepreneur, Founder Women Get Funded and member of Sand Hill Angels.
Awamary Khan, Founder and CEO Innovate Gambia and The Woman Boss
María Ángeles León, Co-Founder, Open Value Foundation, Impulse4Social
Pino Kyri, President, Heroikka Association
Nastasha Velasco, National Sales and Partnership Executive, Bridge for Billions

(* The round table will be in Spanish and English )
7:30 pm Cocktails and networking

Thursday May 23 @ ULPGC Paraninfo 
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome:

Mr. Pablo Rodríguez, Vice President and Counsellor of Public Works and TransportationVice President of the Government of the Canary Islands
Mr. Rafael Robaina Romero, Rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Stewart Tuttle, Counselor for Public Diplomacy, US Embassy
Mr. José Segura Clavell, General Director, Casa África
Ms. Sara Mateos, Director, DISA Foundation
Ms. Esther Martel, Director, Mapfre Foundation

09:45 Welcome closing:

Rosa Batista Canino, Vice Chancellor of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employment, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

09:50 Presentation: “Technovation Challenge” by Wenceslao Cárceles, Technovation Ambassador Canarias

Aruks Team: Judit Álvarez Fernández, Irene Navarro González, Miriam Navarro González, Mishell Medina López, Carla Quintana Bolaños

JAM3: Marolyn Dayan Guzmán Álvarez, Jamila Diallo Ba Dieng, María del Pino Hernández Mendieta, Ainhoa ​​del Pilar Acosta Ageno, María Naranjo Almeida

10:10 Presentation: “Initiatives for women entrepreneurs 2019 “by Maica Gil, founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurs Forum
10:25 Round table: “My experience as an investor: trends”

Alicia Castillo Holley, Investor, Entrepreneur, Founder Women Get Funded and member of Sand Hill Angels
Taryn Andersen, Co-Founder, Impulse4Women
María Ángeles León, Co-Founder, Open Value Foundation, Impulse4Social
María Cruz Conde, Head of Institutional Relations, Open Value Foundation

11:10 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 Presentation: “Mentality and numbers, friends or foes?”

Vanessa Marrero, Economist and creator of the Emotional Financial Education System

11:50 Presentation: “Women in education in mediation, arbitration and applicable technologies”

Rosa Pérez Martel, Director of the Mediation and Arbitration Service of the ULPGC

12:10 Presentation: “Woman talent and influential women“

Beatriz Recio, Journalist, CEO Womantalent

12:30 Presentation: “leave a mark on our customers”

Lidia Monzón, Expert in Higher University Management and Mentoring, Communicator and Writer, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)

12:50 Presentation: 
13: 10-14: 30 Cocktail and networking
*** Afternoon workshops
15:30 Workshop: “Entrepreneurship Bootcamp”

“From idea to business” Cristina Suárez
“Digital Marketing” Marí to Quintana

17:00 Investment Workshop: “Get funds for your idea, company and / or entrepreneur project”

Alicia Castillo Holley, Investor, Entrepreneur, Founder Women Get Funded and member of Sand Hill Angels.

Friday, May 24 @ Elder Museum
10:00 Workshop: “ Design Thinking – Tools for Brainstorming” by Jessica Pastor, Creative Director, Diseño Industrial
Presentations: “Building an inclusive innovation ecosystem”
11:15 Entrepreneurs of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)

Aida Yanes and Elena Castellano (Hardy Visit)
Itahisa Chávez Santana (Muse Group)

11:45 Presentation: “Believe, love and enjoy” by Felisa Herrera, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Founder of The Soho Women in the World
12:05 Presentation: “Innovate Gambia” by Awamary Khan, Founder and CEO, Innovate Gambia / The Woman Boss
12:25 Presentation: “ Female leadership and digital transformation trends, developments and challenges “ by Ana Landeta Echeberria, Director of the Institute I + D + i of the Open University of Madrid (Udima)
12:50 Presentation: “How to get your first customer” by Carlota Calderon, founder of Hipatias
13:15 Cocktail and networking
14:00 Presentation: “The Secrets of the Achiever” by Patricia Glen, Director of the Institute of High Efficiency, Businesswoman and Coach
14:20 Presentation: TBD
14:40 Presentation: “ International finance “ by Nacho Zabaleta, MBA Director
15:00 Presentation: “ Association Heroikka ” by Pino Kyri, President, Association Heroikka
15:20 Roundtable: ” How to create an ecosystem inclusive innovation in The Canary Islands”

Nacho Rodríguez, CEO at CoworkingC
Celia Hernández, Domingo Alonso Group
Moisés Santana, Manager, Emerge Association
Carina González, Classroom Director of Interactive Digital Culture, Heroikka Lab
Patricia Fraile Romero, Manager, Canary Islands Technological Excellence

# GCSummit19
In association with:

Source: 5th Gran Canaria Summit 2019 – Presented by Heroikka Association and SFIWEF – San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum


The Canary Guide

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Events : Mogán organizes free activities for children between 15-17 April

The Municipality of Mogán is this week offering a childrens program of free leisure activities “Vacaciones en la Plaza” from April 15 to 17, taking advantage of the school Easter holidays. The events will be concentrated in Pueblo de Mogán, Playa de Mogán and Arguineguín.
Parque Nicolás Quesada in Pueblo de Mogán, Plaza Doctor Pedro Betancor León (previous know as Plaza de Sol ) in Playa de Mogán and plaza Las Marañuelas in Arguineguín will host activities aimed at children from 16:30 to 20:30
These include jungle inflatables, sports games such as football, famous animation characters and princesses. There will also be inflatable archery, pista americana (a track course), superhero castles and a ball pool. Attendees will enjoy musical entertainment and games such as Goose or Giant Bowls and The Tea House – for babies up to three years old.
Throughout the three days there will be workshops for face painting, hama and Easter eggs. All the activities will rotate by day according to the location, thus each being held in all the points of the municipality as part of this program called ‘Holidays in the Plaza‘.


Mogán Christmas program includes parades, markets and nativity scenes

Mogán have presented their Christmas program and a calendar of events for the municipality in 2019 this week at the Las Marañuelas Training Centre, in Arguineguín.
The Christmas program will run from this Friday December 14 to January 5 and will include activities spread across virtually all neighborhoods of the municipality. So Arguineguín, Mogán, Motor Grande, Las Filipinas, Barranquillo Andrés, El Horno, Veneguera and Playa de Mogán will each enjoy events “aimed at the whole family and especially the littlest ones in the family”, explained the mayor during the presentation.
Today, Wednesday December 12 will see the traditional switching on of the lights in time for Friday, December 14, when a Christmas Gala will be held in the Plaza Pérez Galdós de Arguineguín, beside the main Spar, in front of the Parish church, where a TV Canarias television program will be filmed called ‘Night of Taifas’. “It will be broadcast on the night of December 24, on Christmas Eve, so we invite all residents to participate, as well as anyone who simply wants to enjoy the music and dance of various groups from different backgrounds and points around the archipelago”.
The calendar of events also highlights the inauguration of the Ornamental Nativity Scene, located in the Church of San Antonio de Padua in the main Pueblo de Mogán, on Saturday 15, which can be visited until January 6, as well as a concert by Los Sabandeños on Friday the 21st in the Plaza Pérez Galdós and the ‘Belén Viviente‘ (Living Nativity), which celebrates its 33rd year, in a unique event where residents of the lovely little village of Veneguera represent traditional Canarian jobs and chores in a unique setting within the Veneguera valley, beyond Pueblo de Mogán, along the GC200.
The Christmas program will be extended until January 5, 2018 with parades, Christmas concerts, carol gatherings, Christmas markets and children’s activities . “Everyone can enjoy the more than 50 scheduled activities with all the family, among which will be a photocall board shaped like a giant Christmas glass ball that will pass through different points of the municipality along with the musicals ‘El Sastrecillo Valiente’ and ‘El Secreto del Ratoncito Pérez’ ‘”, Bueno announced during her presentation.
End of the year
On the night of December 31, the municipality of Mogán will offer three great alternatives for residents and visitors alike. Playa de Mogán will celebrate the start of the new year in the square Doctor Pedro Betancor León with Güira Latina and DJ Juanjo. In the Sarmiento y Coto square in the town of Mogán revellers can follow the traditional 12 chimes of the church bell to continue the party with the popular Orquesta Tamarindos’ -La Nueva Mekánica and DJ Aitor Cruz. And for its part, the Plaza Pérez Galdós de Arguineguín will have a giant screen on which will be shown the main Televisión Canaria celebrations. Bidding farewell to 2018 with the performances of Dsua Ill Man, Jennifer Dons and Samu and the Malabar show ‘Alehop’. The artist Paco Guedes will star in the new year’s festival.
Delivery of letters and ‘Auto de Reyes Magos’Once the new year has come, the children of Playa de Mogán can enjoy a parade on January 3 where they can deliver their letters to a royal page, who will visit the people of Mogán Casco (Pueblo) on the afternoon of January 4 and on the 5th he will be at the Feria de Reyes in Arguineguín. The mythical Three Kings, will receive the magic key to the municipality, upon their arrival by boat in to Arguineguín so that they and may deliver their letters during the journey they make.
On the same day at 20:30 the ‘Auto de Reyes Magos’ will be performed in the Church of Pueblo de Mogán. A dramatic piece of great historical and cultural value that reflects the experiences of the Magi during their trip to adore a child after his birth.
Events Calendar Mogán 2019
The mayor of the municipality also took the opportunity to present the new Calendar of Events for Mogán 2019 which she said “we have created taking into account the acts of all the Councils and collectives of the municipality.” This is a step to improving the municipal planning by the council, so as to have a better organisation of necessary resources and so that residents and those who visit us have this information in advance.” The physical calendar has been designed as an almanac and will be distributed throughout the educational centres, among the different associations and collectives, in the municipal offices and other points of tourist interest in Mogán.

The Canary Guide will also include a full run down of events in English language.


The Canary Guide

The Canary Guide Weekend Tips 2-4 November 2018

Bright blue skies to end the week, though the national holiday on Thursday threatens the possibility of some Autumnal rains, Gran Canaria looks to have a warm sunny weekend ahead with highs of 25ºC in the shade.  Perfect for a day out to visit some of the roads lesser travelled and some of the exciting events and happenings around the island.
A word to the wise, in the south of the island you can expect all sorts of fast cars, road closures and revelling fans lining some of the mountain highways for the 45th Maspalomas rally  which will take place along various stretches of tarmac ranging from the mountainous villages of Fataga and Tunte all along the south coast and even up to Pueblo de Mogán and beyond throughout the weekend.  It all starts on Friday night at the Mercado de Maspalomas with revving engines and a big crowd, and the race itself is on Saturday.
On top of that we have a delicious regional wine, cheese and honey fair, showing off lots of other local produce too; it is open museums weekend (1st weekend of every month) and there will even be a special ‘Día de los Muertos’ workshop celebrating the curious links between Halloween, the canary islands celebration of Finaos and the Mexican mixing of these traditions with native South American beliefs that led to the Day of The Dead.
Then of course there are the various Sunday markets worth visiting around the island and in the mountains simply for a drive, a potter and a treat.

The 45th edition of the Maspalomas Rally organized by the Maspalomas team and the collaboration of the Municipalities of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Mogán, Santa Lucía and La Aldea.And when there is a rally going on it also means road closures. 
On Friday : the spectacle of the night slots, hosted by Mogán, opening the start of the rally with a total of 34 km. Timings that will pass from the area of ​​Draguillo (Mogán) to La Aldea.Road closure:  GC-200 from Mogán to La Aldea ( cruce del pie de la Cuesta to cactualdea)
On Saturday: SectionsMaspalomas – Fataga section starts at 09:55-11:55Las Vallas – Los Cuchillos  12:25 – 14:30Maspalomas – Tunte 15:55- 17:30

The Regional Fair of Wine, Cheese and Honey of the Canary Islands is held every year in a different municipality from those that make up the Commonwealth. This year, 2018, it is hosted by the municipality of Tejeda.
At the fair will be 7 institutional stands and 50 commercial brands distributed in 40 stands from Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and El Hierro. Days will included different activities, such as: Wine tastings, a children’s cheese tasting workshop, music performance by “Salvapantallas”, the delivery of the prizes of the XIII GRAN CANARIA HONEY CONTEST by the Ministry of Primary Sector and Food Sovereignty.
In this edition the sweet potato of the country will be the guest product
The Fair is open on Saturday 10:00-19:00 and on Sunday 10:00-16:00 and is held at the new municipal parking lot.

The network of island museums of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, celebrate this weekend ‘open days’ with free entry, to enjoy its wide range of exhibition and museographic contents.
The Casa de Colón offers a journey through the relations between the Canary Islands and America, as well as offering a large and varied sample of artistic collections that cover various periods and which also delves into the pre-Columbian creation. And this weekend you can also contemplate the altar of the Day of the Dead, dedicated this year to the student victims of Tlatelolco and with which the museum adds one more year to the Mexican tradition. Likewise, the Casa de Colón hosts one more year the exhibition ‘Expo-Mental-Iz-Arte’, exhibition organized by the Association of Families and Users for the Support of People with Mental Illness (AFAES). The museum exhibits about fifty works made for the most part in the art workshop of the entity, although paintings from another dozen specialized centers of Gran Canaria are also exhibited.
In the Pérez Galdós House-Museum, the steps, the words and the Galdosian look become images that cross time and space thanks to the exhibition ‘Forty leagues by Cantabria’, which collects the photographs taken by Ángel Luis Aldai.
In Gáldar, the Antonio Padrón House-Museum. Centro de Arte Indigenista exhibits the exhibition ‘Memento. Death in the Canaries’, where a century of funerary culture in the archipelago is portrayed through twenty photographs, in a period between the eighties of the nineteenth century and the seventies of the last century.
Also in Gáldar, the exciting Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintada reopens a door through which access to the pre-Hispanic and colonial world through an exhibition, projections and a tour through the old town of Agáldar.
The wide possibilities of the Canary Islands to become an example of sustainable development inspire in the León-Castillo de Telde House-Museum the photographic exhibition ‘Horizons’, the work of Marcos Martín Pérez, who underlines that his proposal urges “to reflect on the model in that the archipelago takes advantage of its resources and opportunities “. The exhibition also celebrates the declaration of the Canary Islands as Smart Islands, whose objective is to turn the European island territories into intelligent societies and enhance their role as a laboratory of innovative and integrating initiatives related to sustainable development.
In Moya, the Tomás Morales House-Museum offers the opportunity to get to know the home of one of the great Canarian poets and the fundamental representative of the modernist movement, as well as to enjoy attractive documentary, bibliographic and artistic collections associated with island poetry.
Casa de Colón in Las Palmas: Saturday 10:00-18.00 and Sunday 10:00-15:00Casa-Museo Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas:  Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00Casa-Museo Tomás Morales in Moya : Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00Casa-Museo León y Castillo in Telde : Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00.Casa-Museo Antonio Padrón. Centro de Arte Indigenista, in Gáldar : Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada in Gáldar : Saturday 10:00-18:00 and Sunday 11:00-18:00, last visit 16:30, limited spaces.

The first Sunday of November arrives at the Commercial Zone of Triana with shops open, like they do every first weekend of the month. The day brings numerous workshops, exhibitions, live music and shops with open door, between 11:00 to 18:00 and activities for the youngest will be until 14:00.
The Day includes among others :Magic Mirror Workshop in Eurekakids stores on Calle Castillo and Calle Triana from 11:00 to 13:30.On Plaza de Cairasco; Rafaelillo Clown Cabaret with his “Family show”, from 12:00 to 13:00.At number 13 on Calle Torres, the Shack Bar will host the vinyl and secondhand clothing exhibition (11:00 to 18:00), and a musical performance (13:00 to 18:00).Multidiversion circuit on 11:00-14:00 on Mayor de Triana number 60.

Directly in front of the main Maspalomas Town Hall offices for San Bartolomé de Tirajanain Timanfaya Square, s / n, 35100 San Fernando de Maspalomas

The second hand “Rastro” market every Sunday (subject to holidays and special events) where everyone is welcome, and every type of thing is on sale, from objet d’art to furniture, clothing to stereos, telescopes to cellos, militaria, precious stones, previously loved items including toys and books and hats and the occasional kitchen sink.
All the best stuff is snapped up early, but there is always a bargain to be made.

November 4, 2018 @ 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

San Lorenzo Farmers’ Market in Las Palmas, with 24 stalls, held in the neighborhood of San Lorenzo (in front of the Health Centre ), every Sunday from 9:00 to 15:00
Delicious fresh produce from the thriving agriculture of the north of the island, direct from the hands that grew it.  Well worth a little jaunt up the motorway.

November 4, 2018 @ 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

In the beautiful and historic surroundings of the Basilica of the Pine a transformation occurs each Sunday with the weekly market, one of the oldest street markets on the island, now with two centuries of history.
Typical local produce such as sausage, the famous Chorizo de Teror, Canarian black pudding (Morcilla), sweets, cheeses and bread, various religious items, textiles, handicrafts, etc.
Sunday market in Teror in Sintes Square.


The Canary Guide

The Canary Guide Weekend Tips 2-4 March 2018

It’s another fun weekend ahead, and I am not just talking about the weather. On Friday, the Maspalomas International Carnival starts with festivities planned between 2-11 March. This is also the first weekend of the month so Gran Canaria’s network of museums will open their doors for free visits, perhaps the very best idea for a rainy day. The capital´s main shopping district, Triana in Las Palmas, will be offering various activities for the children and plenty of bargains in stores as part of the Open Weekend Sunday.
The thrilling weather forecast predicts some rain on Saturday is not looking great for the majority of the weekend so a few events have already been postponed. It is highly recommendable that you double check for any changes particularly from outdoor events organisers.

Maspalomas start  their Carnival festivities this Friday and celebrations planned until 11 of March. This year’s theme is medieval so there will be a wide range of costumes on display all week, from peasant tunics, to armoured knights, medieval princesses and village milk maids. Google may be your best friend if you don’t have an outfit yet. But like always … absolutely anything goes when its Carnival season. All main events happen on the stage at the shopping centre Yumbo.
Friday starts with the official Carnival float on display for both tourists and residents, beginning this huge annual event at 10:30, where it leavs from San Fernando municipal market, calling all to join in the Carnival festivities. In the evening the opening Gala of the Maspalomas International Carnival is scheduled to start in the Yumbo at 21:00
Saturday The Queen’s Gala at 21:00. The election of the Medieval Carnival Queen will compare 13 young contestants
Sunday, the Grand Children’s Carnival starts from 17:00 on Avenida Estados Unidos by the Yumbo mini golf, with bouncy castles, workshops and many more surprises later in the evening, the Children’s Queen’s Gala at 19:00 starring 13 young girls aspiring to be elected to progress from medieval princess to Queen for this year.

Telde are finishing up their main events for this year’s Carnival festivities. Their theme has been Jungle.
Friday, The Drag Queen Gala at 21:00
Saturday, the main Parade starts from 17:30 at the Ramblas Pedro Lezcano travelling an urban route through the old neighbourhoods of San Juan and San Gregorio, all the way to the municipal market place. After the parade a night of serious party from 22:00.
On Sunday the day will start with the IX edition of the now infamous High Heel Race, a circuit organised in Poeta Pablo Neruda street at 11am, there will be satirical song (in Spanish) with the Murgas gathering at 12:00 and in the afternoon the final act of Carnival the Burning of the Sardine at 17:00



This VII Institutional Fair is aimed at promoting the sale and tasting of a wide range of quality and variety of produce processed and made in the Canary Islands.
Products such as preserves, honeys, sausages, cheeses, coffee, oil, legumes, gofio in its various varieties, millet and wheat, country olives, jams, breads, wines, rums, ciders, sweets, pastries, biscuits, quesadillas, almogrote, chocolate, salt … and a whole host of produce representative of the different islands and municipalities.
The fair was planned to be held in the Vega de San Mateo and include countless initiatives and activities
On Friday 12:30-20:30, Saturday 09:00-20:30 and on Sunday 09:00-15:30

2-4 MARCH, Pueblo de Mogan
Mogán Casco, otherwise known as Pueblo de Mogán, is still in Carnival festivity mode and there are fiestas during the weekend.
Friday, a Carnival Gala in Parque Nicolas Quesada starting at 21:00.
Saturday is the night Carnival party with street parades starting at 21:30 , concert by “Los 600” at 22:30 followed by a late night fiesta.
Sunday, its all about the youngest ones in the community with the Children’s costume party at 17:00

The little southern El Tablero shopping centre are also in the carnival mood this year and have planned a medieval carnival celebration including processions with music, colour, clowns, jugglers, dragons etc.
Saturday starting from 18:00

The Cabildo’s network of museums open their doors again this the weekend for FREE visits, as they do every first weekend of the month.
Casa de Colón in Las Palmas: Saturday 10:00-18.00 and Sunday 10:00-15:00
Casa-Museo Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas:  Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00
Casa-Museo Tomás Morales in Moya : Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00
Casa-Museo León y Castillo in Telde : Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00.
Casa-Museo Antonio Padrón. Centro de Arte Indigenista, in Gáldar : Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00
Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada in Gáldar : Saturday 10:00-18:00 and Sunday 11:00-18:00, last visit 16:30, limited spaces.

Guía celebrates their 4th “Days of celebration” annual fair, which gathers at the municipal pavilion with a significant number of companies participating all linked to the celebration of weddings, birthdays, first communions and other events.
The Fair will be held at the municipal pavilion , from 11:00  to 21:00  on Saturday and from 11:00 to 15:00 on Sunday
In addition to a large number of stands from companies specialising in this sector, the fair will feature an extensive program of parallel activities to enjoy as a family. Over two days this fun and commercial event invites you to enjoy various musical performances, children’s shows and fashion shows.
Snack tastings that will be offered to attendeesby many of the participating companies.

the Triana Commercial Zone Las Palmas Open Weekend returns for one more month, with an organised program of events to boost Sunday opening for the First Open Weekend.
The activities planned aim to offer leisure and fun to the little ones along with bargains for you less little ones.
Number 102 Calle Triana, hosts 2 workshops; Fishing and Fun Science.
Carnival face painting at Triana 56,
Chess workshop atTriana 20,
and a craft workshop on Eurekakids toystore on Triana 35.
For the adults, at number 13 Calle Torres, the Shack Bar will host an exhibition of vinyl and second-hand clothes (11:00 – 18:00 ), and some musical performances (13:00 – 18:00) .

The ‘Magic’ of the carnival main stage takes shape in the Santa Catalina park

The main stage for the Las Palmas Carnival 2018 , themed Magic and the fantastic creatures, is already taking shape in Parque Santa Catalina.
Less than 20 days to go before the main Carnival season begins and the proscenium arch is already erected and decorated with scenery that will set the aesthetic for the multitude of galas and events that will be inaugurated from Friday, January 26.
Following the traditional reading of the proclamation, this year by Canarian comedian Kike Pérez, kicking off a month or more of debauchery;  the coming weeks will be filled with street parties, parades, competitions, music, masques, outlandish costumes and frivolity as Gran Canaria celebrates the end of winter.
Heralding the coming of spring, and the imminent customary abstinence of the pre-easter period, the partying will last at least until Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day or Mardis Gras) before the excesses and shennanigans in disguise will be transfered to the south of the island and sweep throughout every municipality with transgression being the name of the game!!