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The Canary Guide Día de Canarias #WeekendTips 26-28 May 2023

What an interesting last weekend of May ahead. Weather predictions are showing some rain showers are likely across Gran Canaria. This extended #WeekendTips covers up to Tuesday, when all things Canarian are celebrated on the Día de Canarias. There’ll be some gorgeous Patron Saints’ festivities happening in San Fernando de Maspalomas as well as in Valleseco.

Fun Fact:
Valleseco literally means “dry valley” in Spanish, but is actually one of the wettest municipalities Gran Canaria. Nestling between the famous fresh water sources of Firgas & Teror, half way up the island’s mountainous northern slopes, this area is well known for its apple growers, cider and its weekly market

Six weeks since the unexplained disappearance of Anna-Karin on Gran Canaria

The authorities on Gran Canaria have been engaged in a rigorous search for Swedish tourist Anna-Karin Bengtsson, who went missing in the south of Gran Canaria around April 9. Her unexplained disappearance has caused her family much distress, with no clues to her whereabouts having emerged in the six weeks since they first realised her phone was no longer functioning.

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 19-21 May 2023


An exciting May weekend ahead with abundant events and festivities taking place all around Gran Canaria. There are Patron Saints’ festivities for Motor Grande, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and in El Tablero in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and up in the mountains of Artenara. There is also a two day lively exhibition event in Meloneras boulevard and the Rally Gran Canaria is held this Friday and Saturday.


Tenerife Forest Fire declared a Level 2 emergency at the request of the Cabildo de Tenerife

The forest fire that started at around 11:45 a.m. in the Chajaña area, in the municipality of Arico, on Tenerife, at 7:30 p.m. was declared a Level 2 emergency at the request of the Cabildo de Tenerife, as per the Government of the Canary Islands emergency direction, applying the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Assistance for Forest Fires in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (INFOCA).


The territorial scope of the emergency, at the time of the declaration, includes the municipality of Arico, with an area of ​​around 400 hectares already affected, and does not currently include population centres, so it has not been necessary to carry out evacuations.
Today six air resources have intervened: three helicopters from the Emergency and Rescue Group of the Government of the Canary Islands (GES), another from the Cabildo de Tenerife, a seaplane from the Spanish Air Force and a helicopter from the Guardia Civil in coordination aerial functions. By land, a hundred firefighters from the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Consortium of Firefighters and the EIRIF teams of the Government of the Canary Islands based on La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera have all participated, as well as security resources in controlling accesses. For tonight the incorporation of 40 servicemen from the Military Emergency Unit (UME), with water pumping and fire fighting equipment are scheduled to join the extinction tasks.

Shopping centre fire brought under control at a motorcycle rental store in Playa del Inglés

Firefighters in Playa del Inglés were deployed this Saturday afternoon to put out a shopping centre fire in a motorcycle rental store at the CC Plaza, on the south of Gran Canaria, according to reports from the 112 Canary Islands Centre Emergency and Security Coordination team (CECOES 112).

The alarm was raised at around 4:50 pm, reporting a shopping centre fire, at which point firefighters and police officers were activated and deployed, as well as an ambulance sent from the SUC Canary Islands Emergency Service.
At least two individuals are known to have been “mildly affected” in the incident, according to 112. A column of smoke several meters high was visible from various points around the tourist southern tourist zone.  It is not yet clear what caused the blaze.

#SUC asiste a dos afectados leves tras un incendio declarado en local de centro comercial en Playa del Inglés #GRANCANARIA. Bomberos San Bartolomé de Tirajana continúan interviniendo en el lugar junto a recursos policiales.
— 1-1-2 Canarias (@112canarias) January 30, 2021


All crew and passengers safe after night aboard ferry that ran aground in the Gran Canaria port of Agaete

All crew and passengers have been declared safe and well, after spending the night aboard a Fred Olsen ferry which ran aground, at around 9pm on Thursday, after the vessel had struggled with high winds and rough seas in Gran Canaria’s Northwest port of Agaete.  For several hours this Friday morning, two tugboats tried to move the stranded passenger ship into the port of Agaete, they were later joined by two more tugboats. All attempts made to release the vessel have been so far unsuccessful.

Emergency services from across the island had raced to the scene last night to assist in ensuring the safety the 59 passengers and 16 crew members on board, and following several unsuccessful attempts to free the craft, it was finally decided to evacuate the crew and passengers, who had spent all night on board the vessel, using a Salvamento Maritimo (maritime rescue) vessel, the Salvamar Nunki, to relay them to shore in collaboration with firefighters and emergency personnel from various services assisting the ship’s crew.
By 2:00 p.m. on Friday all the people on board had been brought to safety and accounted for leading to the majority of emergency personnel present being deactivated.

El pasaje y y la tripulacion del Fred Olsen ya han sido evacuados#FMA #Filomena pic.twitter.com/qenTI0cLLV
— Cabildo Gran Canaria (@GranCanariaCab) January 8, 2021

A broad range of emergency services were present at the scene including Police, Civil Guard, Red Cross, CECOES, SUC, Civil Protection, Maritime Captaincy, Maritime Rescue, and Fred Olsen crew who have been applauded for showing great professionalism, local fishermen, political leaders, security personnel and port workers all paying homage to the calm shown by passengers who were said to have acted in an exemplary manner despite having been exposed to a tense situation for more than 14 hours.
The Bentago Express, ran aground on Thursday night in Agaete while trying to dock at the Puerto de Las Nieves. No injuries have been reported. The fast catamaran, which covers the route between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Gran Canaria, suffered damage to one of the engines.
The incident occurred a few minutes before ten o’clock at night. While Storm Filomena continued to produce strong winds and rough seas in the area. According to witnesses, the ship had tried to enter the dock and could not, and then on its second attempt suffered an engine failure.


The Canary News

Hillside Fire Near Pueblo de Mogán, Man Arrested

A little shock tonight for the south west of Gran Canaria after a raging fire broke out on a hillside, just after 21:30, on Tuesday night, above the main GC200 highway connecting the popular town of Pueblo de Mogán and the village of Veneguera. Arriving to the blaze Policia Local immediately arrested a resident of La Aldea, in his mid 30s, on suspicion of having allegedly started the fire. Local residents had made sure that the man could not leave until the authorities arrived and took charge, according to sources at the scene.


The frightening events occurred very quickly, with reports that a fire had started in the municipality of Mogán. First to respond were a crew from the main Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria fire station, in Motor Grande, along with volunteer members of the Protection Civil, who were joined by fire crews from Arinaga and a Cabildo de Gran Canaria Environment Department team.
Three active fronts presented a serious challenge to firefighters who, after assessing the situation, decided to tackle the left flank, moving in the direction of Veneguera village, under control first, lowering its intensity and controlling the flames until the other crews arrived. Due to their quick response, the most dangerous section of burning scrubland was brought under their control within an hour and a half,  affecting more than 500 square meters of hillside.
By 11pm crews felt confident that the situation was stable and were able to disengage by around midnight leaving volunteers from the Protection Civil and the Environment Department, to monitor the scene to prevent the possibility of any reactivation of the flames, due to the wind and heat in the area.
Mogán’s Local Police, based nearby, and agents of the Guardia Civil attended also, to support the management of the scene following the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the fire. Sources at the scene suggested that the man is suspected to have perpetrated similar crimes in the past, which is why when they found him there, and seeing that a fire had started, the wanted to make sure that the police would be able to question him.
Last night’s events occurred just a few kilometers from the site of the Tasarte fire, last February, which entered the Inagua Natural Reserve and burned 1,063 hectares.  There is no known link between the two events.

Fire in Mogán, Man ArrestedA raging fire broke out on a hillside, just after 21:30, on Tuesday night, above the main GC200 highway connecting the popular town of Pueblo de Mogán and the village of Veneguera.
Arriving to the blaze Policia Local immediately arrested a man from La Aldea, in his mid 30s, on suspicion of having allegedly started the fire. Local residents had made sure that the man could not leave until the authorities arrived and took charge, according to sources at the scene.
Read More: https://thecanarynews.com/2020/07/15/hillside-fire-near-pueblo-de-mogan-man-arrested/
Posted by TheCanary.TV on Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Gran Canaria Fires: Canary Islands Government praise firefighters and resolve to beat the fire

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, began his most recent briefing by highlighting all the work carried out throughout the night along the right flank of the fire, which is designated from the tail of the fire, as if standing at the point of origin. The right flank crosses the municipalities of Valleseco, Moya, Santa María de Guía and Agaete, and the work there has been effective, preventing the flames from reaching populated areas, a priority objective since yesterday in the work of extinguishing the blaze. However, work continues intensively in that area to prevent the fire from advancing and this flank must be stopped before it reaches Agaete.
However, the head of the fire, that last night tragically reached the pine forests of Tamadaba, continues to progress and at this moment it is not a safe area for for firefighters to work in, although several are performing follow-up tasks in that zone.
At this time, the total land area affected by the fire stretches to more than 6,000 hectares, 60km2, within a perimeter stretching 60 kilometres in length and in places less than a km wide. Most of this increase since yesterday has been caused by the head of the fire entering the area of ​​Tamadaba uncontrolled, while ground crews, firefighters and air support try to contain the perimeters.
Over the next few hours, Torres points out that by about 7:00 pm weather conditions should start to improve, as temperatures drop and relative humidity rises, which will all help to increase the effectiveness of the work to extinguish the active fronts.
The evolution of the fire through the night and the early hours of Monday morning lead to an increase in the number of evacuees, numbers based on the official population census, which rose to 9,000 people, 546 of whom have spent the night in the various shelters set up for this purpose. The current situation means that these people are not expected to return to their homes today.
Both the president of the Canary Islands and the Minister for Agriculture have stressed that we are facing one of the most important air and land deployments that have ever been carried out in the Canary Islands and one of the most important in recent years in Spain.Throughout the day, more than 1,000 people have worked tirelessly to fight the flames in shifts supported by 16 aircraft, of which 14 are discharging water over affected areas and the remaining two carry out aerial coordination work. According to Luis Planas, Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, two more double rotared Kamov helicopters and two “air tractor” aeroplanes are being sent from the Junta de Castilla – La Mancha, to join this deployment, along with aircraft specialised in aerial coordination and a drone for night tracking.

Ángel Víctor Torres insisted that all the actions being carried out have aimed primarily at preserving the safety of people, hence the numerous evacuations that have been declared, which has meant that up until today not one injury has been reported.
Finally, the Canary Islands president expressed his absolute conviction that “we will overcome this very serious and harmful fire for the island of Gran Canaria”. In this sense he showed his admiration and thanks to all the men and women who are intervening in fighting the fire as well as the many signs of solidarity coming from civil society, institutions and companies.
Despite the magnitude of the blaze, its impact on tourism activity has been very low, purely because it is the coastal areas and the south of the island that primarily cater to tourists, and the fires are no where near those primary zones. In addition, the airport is operating normally, as are all usual air and sea connections. He emphasised unequivocally “The Canary Islands, and Gran Canaria, in particular, are safe tourist destinations.” The very low number of foreign visitors evacuated from rural villages have relocated been to other establishments and planned activities in affected areas have been suspended.
Source: Canary Islands Government 



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Las Palmas bus blaze by the GC-3 leaves no-one injured

Not long after 7pm on Sunday night, 11 March, a Las Palmas municipal GuaGua bus caught fire on a roundabout overlooking the GC-3 motorway, near Lomo Blanco (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
The vehicle was carrying passengers at the time, but there were apparently no injuries after the bus was successfully evacuated. 
The driver can be seen, in a video caught of the incident, trying to tackle the flames as firemen arrive, who then extinguish the blaze, to allow Local Police to take control of the situation.

Fire in Mogán brought under control

A fire which broke out this afternoon in the Barranco de Mogán, near the  Red Cross post at the entry to Mogán Pueblo, has been declared under control by emergency services who spent the afternoon tackling the blaze which, although quite close to housing on the outskirts of the picturesque little village, seems to have only affected avocado trees, sugar cane and farm implements, much of which is still smouldering away.
A Gobierno de Canarias helicopter, deployed to the scene around 13.00 this afternoon, deposited water taken from a nearby reservoir on to the flames to extinguish them, managing, with the aid of local fire fighters, to control the situation, helped by the absence of any wind, and declaring the incident to be well in hand at 16.57 hours.
The helicopter worked alongside various operatives deployed, ranging from Civil Protection, firefighters, Civil Guard, Local Police and environmental agents of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria overseen from the main CECOES 112 Coordination Centre for Emergencies and Security of the Canary Islands.
The source of the fire has not yet been identified, it is not currently believed that anyone was injured.  The quick action of the emergency services helped to ensure the situation did not get out of hand.

Another fire, thought deliberate, destroys 4 vehicles near Las Palmas. Suspect sought

A fire in the early hours of Monday on the outskirts of Gran Canaria´s capital Las Palmas, has mobilised firemen and municipal police to the scene at about 1430 where a total of four vehicles were burned , three of them ambulances and the fourth, a van. All of them, according to Local Police, were vehicles abandoned on a plot in near Calle Tablero de Gonzalo, in the neighbourhood of Salto del Negro .
The National Police have taken charge of investigating the incident.
The blaze follows a similar one on Saturday morning, when eight ambulances were destroyed in Telde, in a fire that is believed to have been intentional. This latest incident reinforces the hypothesis that it is not a random event, but likely caused maliciously.
According to local residents, a young man of about 26 years old, thin and dressed in jeans, left the scene on a motorcycle, alleging that he must have been the perpetrator of the fire.
Firefighters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria received a report indicating that a fire had started in Salto del Negro around the same time as man who was at the scene saw the young suspect loitering near where the ambulances began to burn. When asked why he was there, the boy said he was just urinating.
The witness accused the young man of having started the fire, other residents witnessed the confrontation. One lady, identified as Sofia, had to mediate so that the argument would not get out of hand. The young man, in the heat of the moment, allegedly tried to enter the man’s property and threatened to burn him. “I’ll go back and burn you there,” he is reported to have said. The alleged perpetrator of the fire got on a motorcycle that was parked in street, put on his helmet and fled, according to the witnesses.
Four firefighter units from Vegueta and Miller Bajo, eash consisting of a sergeant, a corporal and five firefighters, used about 7,500 liters of water to extinguish the flames, which caused visible smoke throughout the surrounding area. Sources among them did not want to confirm whither the fire had been deliberately started until investigations had been carried out, but they explained that the fire spread very fast from one vehicle to another so the main hypothesis is that some type of fuel was used to accelerate the flames.
The fire fighting team finished around 16.40 hours, according to municipal sources. The three ambulances and the van, which was loaded with rubbish, were reduced to ashes. Agents of the Scientific Forensic Police have begun an investigation and have interviewed the witnesses to try to identify the source of the fire.
On this occasion, the affected emergency vehicles were abandoned. Last Saturday, however, another eight ambulances from the non-urgent transfer service parked at their Telde base were completely destroyed. The National Police are continuing with their investigations and the circumstances surrounding this event.