The devastating fires on Gran Canaria are also affecting animals; domestic, wild and farm. What is most heart warming is the way that whole communities have come together to help ensure as many of them as safe as possible. Twitter has played an important role in getting the information out there, both for people offering and people needing the help.

Offers of transport in cars, vans, trucks have been made to move animals as well as people offering place in their homes, farmhouses, stables, their land, businesses, horse riding clubs, rural hotels and donations from around the whole island are being used to help and house those misplaced animals.  The most effective work is being coordinated with the main veterinarian college and individual vets.

The Cabildo’s experimental farm in Arucas has received over 100 animals, as well as Shepherds with their goats, and a stream of volunteers and donations.

The Guardia Civil, the Policia Canarias and many other security teams and institutes are helping animals in need they happen upon.

One of the most daunting moments on Saturday was an incident following reportage from Cruz de Tejeda where what is possibly the most famous donkey on the island was found to still be tethered in the potential path of the fire. The animal, on which tourists happily take rides and take pictures, had been left behind tied only with water, and within sight of the fire. The situation caused many people to react and officials were called on to directly take charge of the rescue of the donkey, who was moved to to the equestrian centre in San Mateo.

The Animal Protection Service of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has also moved two units ( Valleseco ) to collaborate in collecting animals in the #IFGranCanaria. During the night they collected 5 dogs (2 of them already with the owners and 3 were taken to municipal facilities). In addition, the collaboration of citizens has been requested to have a series of transports to collect animals in other areas of the island such as La Aldea and Caideros.













While this un-fightable fire rages out of control, and the primary concern has become the avoiding of human casualties, it is indeed a wonderful thing that without hesitation Gran Canaria has rallied to ensure their furriest friends are also kept out of harms way.