Agents of the Policia Nacional have detained 20 men and 3 women in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, many of them with prior police records for similar activities, crimes against industrial and intellectual property. Officials carried out inspections and searches in nine stores, located in two shopping centres in southern Gran Canaria. Also during the police interaction, 80 large boxes were confiscated, with counterfeit materials valued at up to €1,083,535.

The police investigation was initiated after officers were told of the alleged sale of counterfeit items in various places in two shopping centres in Playa del Inglés.

The agents carried out inspections in these establishments, assisted by an expert from the Antipiracy Commission of the Ministry of Culture.

Police officers removed 80 large boxes with products that were found to be counterfeit and whose official brand market value would reach 1,083,535 euros.

Among the counterfeit effects taken by the agents were a large number of garments, watches, bags and belts of well recognised commercial brands.

The police investigation culminated in the arrest of 20 men and 3 women, who were identified as responsible for all the counterfeit products seized, charged as alleged perpetrators of crimes against industrial property.

Once the corresponding police reports were completed, they were sent to the competent Judicial Authority

There have been many inspections like this in the area. If you are not sure, it’s always better not to buy or go to an official brand outlet or well known shop. 

-A low price or unreal discounts
-Flawed fonts, logos
-Flimsy packaging
-Always check for grammatical & spelling mistakes
– quality of products

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