Editorial Team and Policies

– El Periódico Inglés de Gran Canaria
– started life as a community newspaper focused on Gran Canaria local businesses, recommended services, items of interest, excursions and days out for both residents and visitors, providing in depth information, from a local perspective, on the events and happenings of importance to English speakers on Gran Canaria, providing a broad range of curated news stories that pay particular attention to fact based reporting from a well researched perspective

Since 2019 we have been constituted as the English Language media project for Gran Canaria, operating under the Not-for-profit Association The Long Walk, and are ultimately answerable to the association’s board, who working with contributing writers, journalists, contributors and others create community oriented events to raise funds and awareness for local charitable causes of merit.

We aim to uphold the highest journalist standards, while encouraging voluntary contributions of particular or potential interest to our readership made up of English speakers who Love Gran Canaria, whether they visit, work or reside on the island.

Our team publishing through TheCanaryNews.com provides well researched and curated News, Views & Sunshine for a vibrant English speaking community of native Canarians, foreign residents and visitors, as well as a large and growing overseas audience, on a not-for-profit basis, offering integrated packages for publicity, public relations, marketing, advertising and on line campaigns, with plenty of help on offer to ensure you get results.

Boasting the widest English language distribution of any free, independent publication on the island, we offer the very best way to get eyeballs in front of your message, business, or announcement, each advert or promotion seen by more people, repeatedly and for longer. Verifiably.

We specifically aim our work toward both resident English Speakers and high-value repeat visitors, who Love Gran Canaria and aim for much more than simply beach and sun offerings. Our readers are engaged and highly mobile with an interest in living well, enjoying life, exploration, and new discoveries.

Our news distribution is focused throughout the southern tourist zones and up to the business hubs of the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, month on month TheCanaryNews.com receives more than 150,000 individual visitors who return on average 2-3 times in the month, more than half of whom are from the UK, we aim carefully to meet the high demand for English language news and information here on this unique sub-tropical paradise. We curate stories of simple universal importance, based on official sources and backed up with research-based depth of context and understanding. We occasionally view those stories through the lens of progressive social development and community coherence.

Our stable of publications and platforms includes:

…among others

You do the maths. Reach more people and support local community values with global perspectives and truth at its core. Get accurate information and benefit from key local insight and nuanced historical perspectives. Get the best for your business and support accurate understandings of the world on and around Gran Canaria.

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Staff Directory

Editor-in-Chief & Primary Reporter (VP)

Edward J Timon – Editor@TheCanaryNews.com. Whatsapp: +34 643276724

Love Gran Canaria Director, New Business, Events Guide Editor & Interpretive Reportage 

Sanna Nevalainen – Events@TheCanaryGuide.com / Sanna@TheCanaryNews.com

Technical Direction, Guru & Norway correspondent

Bård Ove Myhr – NO@TheCanaryNews.com

Live Production Audio Visual & UK correspondent

Rob Gorman – RobG@TheCanary.TV

Camera & Imagery Director & peninsular correspondent

Jesús Sagastizábal – Jesus@TheCanary.TV

Print Director & Marketing Materials

Mark Sigournay – ThePrintShop@TheCanaryNews.com


The Long Walk Association Board

President: Mister Paul Gilliam

Treasurer: Celina Vandeweghe

Communications: Mari Hartell

Vocal & Logistics Support: Steve Cashley

Vocal & Events Team: Lesley Walport

Vocal, Translations & Navigation: Jenni Hymoff