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Latest Gran Canaria News, Views & Sunshine

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 17-19 May 2024

A busy mid May weekend ahead on Gran Canaria. Full sunshine has been taking a little break for few days but hopefully will not disturb too many of the lovely events taking place. There are patron saints’ festivities, a Tomato Fair, traditions, a demonstration in support of Palestine, Museum day, concerts , markets and sports on offer.

A Pride In Name Only: From Community Celebration to Commercial Spectacle

Maspalomas Pride, once a grassroots celebration created by the local LGBTQ+ community, has increasingly shifted towards commercialisation, losing touch with its original spirit and the businesses that once thrived on its success. Members of GLAY (Gays y Lesbianas Asociados del Yumbo), who played such a crucial role in establishing Pride with the Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé de Tirajana town hall, and others, have long warned that since the so-called “Freedom” association took over their annual event, it has deviated from the community roots out of which it first grew, transforming into a large-scale dance party devoid of its authentic, international charm.


The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 10-12 May 2024

A splendid May weekend ahead with an array of events happening on Gran Canaria. From several Patron Saints’ festivities to the Maspalomas PRIDE Parade. Flowers on offer in three different locations. April fairs, an authentic and traditional market experience in Vega de San Mateo and even a historical reénactment on Las Canteras. A crazy, wonderful weekend starts here!

Mogán’s Controversial Proposal to Tax Tourists: Local vs. Regional Authority

In a controversial move that has sparked widespread debate, Mogán’s still serving Mayor, La Alcaldesa O Bueno, is chasing proposal to introduce a tourist tax on overnight stays that looks set to bring millions of extra euros into the municipal coffers. This tax, unique in Spain, would mark Mogán as the first municipality to implement such a levy, ostensibly to support public services benefiting from tourism activities. However, the plan is surrounded by contention, not only within the Canary Islands but also at a national level, stirring discussions about municipal autonomy and regional responsibilities.


Minor Earthquake Detected in Teror, Gran Canaria

An earthquake struck Gran Canaria in the early hours of Tuesday, May 7, as reported by the National Geographic Institute (IGN). The tremor, with a magnitude of 2.3, occurred at a depth of approximately 4 kilometers.



The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 3-5 May 2024

What a gorgeous, and busy, May weekend here on Gran Canaria, with Mothers Day also celebrated this Sunday across Spain.  The Rally Islas Canarias will be closing some mountain roads on Friday and Saturday, and there are many special markets to choose from this first weekend of the month. Flower arrangements in Gáldar, Guía cheese fair this Sunday in Montaña Alta, and Maspalomas Gay Pride just getting started.

Restoring Connections: The New Mogán Tunnel Project on Gran Canaria’s GC-500

The long-awaited Mogán Tunnel project, officially approved by the Canary Islands Government’s Department of Public Works, Housing, and Mobility, marks a significant milestone in restoring safe and efficient transportation between Taurito and Playa de Mogán, two key tourist areas on Gran Canaria. This project, spearheaded by Rosana Melián, the Director-General of Road Infrastructure, is set to transform local and visitor experiences by replacing a hazardous stretch of the GC-500 road that has been out of service due to severe landslides nearly five years ago.


Canary Islands Setting Record Tourism Numbers Amidst Major Protests Calling for Sustainable Development

Today, on April 20, 2024, the Canary Islands are witnessing a widespread protest aimed at challenging the current development model heavily reliant on tourism. This significant event is set to occur simultaneously across all eight islands of the archipelago, as well as in various cities internationally including Málaga, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, and Berlin. The protests are unified under the slogan “The Canary Islands have a limit.”


The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 19-21 April 2024

It’s the third weekend of April and what a warm month it has been. The big ‘Gran Canaria Me Gusta’ fair is on to enjoy during the weekend at INFECAR. Challenge Mogan Canaria, the triathlon event will take place this Saturday and the GC-500 will be closed in the morning from Anfi to Taurito. And these are the last nights to enjoy the popular little Jazz Festival in Puerto de Mogán.

Spain’s “Golden Visa” Surge Sparks Madrid Government To Announce Policy Changes

Recent developments may well impact those British property purchasers with more than half a million euros to spend, who were hoping to bypass many of the post-Brexit hurdles to coming to live in Spain, as the Spanish government has signaled its intention to phase out the “golden visa” program following a significant spike in the number of visas granted over the past two years. Data released by the Ministry of Housing on Tuesday highlights an  increase, with 3,273 authorisations processed in 2023 up from 2,017 in 2022, with less than a thousand annually recorded in previous years. This surge represents a 230% jump from the 997 permits issued in 2021 to 2023.


Gran Canaria Expects Brief But Sizzling Spring Heatwave Hitting 35°C in the Shade

Gran Canaria is on the cusp of experiencing an exceptionally warm weather episode due to a warm and dry air mass of African origin that could reach 35°C in the shade. Anticipated to commence in the late hours of Tuesday the warm weather will persist for approximately a week, and temperatures forecasted to soar to unusually high levels for this time of the year, reaching up to 35°C at their peak, always measured in the shade, according to predictions from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).  Temperatures in direct sunlight are expected to go much higher, particularly on the sunny south of the island.



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