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El Periódico Inglés de Gran Canaria – The English Newspaper
Founded in 2009 we provide well researched and fact checked news and information for non-Spanish speakers and English speakers who live, work and visit Gran Canaria and The Canary Islands.


Last year we welcomed more than 1.1 million readers to The Canary News website ( who came to visit us on average twice (2.2 million+ sessions) and read a total of more than 7.6million pages. That was way more than we ever thought we could achieve, or indeed than we were ready for. This meant that for the first time only a small fraction of our website visitors were actually on or from the island (which is who we primarily seek to serve).

60-80% of all our readers now reach us through mobile devices  Whew! What a year!!
On top of that, since the fires of summer 2019 we have enjoyed nearly 7million views on our videos, as part of our long running project TheCanary.TV to launch a future English-language video channel for Gran Canaria (and Norwegian & perhaps Spanish!!)During 2020 we trialled several content formats and we did our best to build on our work as a Gran Canaria media production team, achieving some success in audience building and have not even launched yet. It is a very exciting project, and we have travelled a long distance towards being able to realise a bespoke distribution channel for all things video on Gran Canaria (and Canary Islands) via a fully synched, realtime push, webcast channel that will allow us to really show off some of the best elements of this island. But we are not quite ready yet, so more on that a little later….None of these things happen over night, and those of you who know us well, know that we are hard working, grass roots, “boot-strappers”, building from the ground up, with a clear-eyed focus on community and accurate information for English-speakers who  Love Gran Canaria. We don’t always get it right, but we intend to make sure it is right for our target audience and will willingly correct any inaccuracies found.We founded  The Long Walk – Gran Canaria association, with a flag-ship annual event, walking coast-to-coast over the highest point on the island to raise funds and awareness for local causes, encourage entrepreneurial engagement, and importantly, to foster community action, all while showcasing many of the lesser-known, non-brochure paths across the island, raising tens of thousands of €uros for really worthy causes, and even planting a few trees along the way.We are actively building towards greater connectivity and want to offer training opportunities in various fields to people who really want to benefit from all we have learned along the way, and challenge themselves to be the Community Gardeners of the future.

(Our first charity event was at Sioux City almost exactly ten years ago to the day, and led directly to all our other community work since). This year’s walk will be our tenth, and of it we are very proud. We hope you will join us!

Other projects include:

Love Gran Canaria, The Canary Guide, The Canary Awards, Good Morning Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and many others besides here on Gran Canaria and further afield. Perhaps you might find ways to benefit from all we are doing? Perhaps we can make you proud of us.Please do not hesitate to get in touch, any time. Our phone number, as ever, is +34 928 987 988 and you can always call the editor Edward on +34 6432 76 724 (WhatsApp too)
Editor-in-Chief and Cat Herder – Edward Timon
Events Editor and chief researchers – Sanna Nevalainen
Webmaster & Technology Guru – Bård Ove Myhr
Live producer & Signal Junkie – Rob Gorman
Videography and Socialite – Jesús Sagastizabal
Print Master: Mark Sigournay
The Long Walk Association: Paul Gilliam, Celina Vandeweghe, Mari Hartell, Lesley Walport, Steve Cashley

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- Est. 2009