Latest Canary Islands Coronavirus Data .:. COVID-19 Cases Updated Daily by Health Ministry

Latest Canary Islands Coronavirus Data .:. COVID-19 Cases Updated Daily by Health Ministry

The latest daily Canary Islands Coronavirus epidemiological data and indicators from The Canary Islands Regional Ministry of Health, updated every day after 3pm based on consolidated information from 8pm the night before.


A great resource helping to put a lot of the data in perspective is also collated and presented by the CVcanarias project.

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  1. CHRIS

    Hi we are holidaying in Gran Canaries, In September but I would like an update of the problems we will have when we arrive.
    Ie, bars restaurants beaches boat trips normal shopping out in the evening things like that !
    Love the canaries but worry about us both not having a good holiday due to restrictions etc.!
    Can you help please
    Thank you

    • William

      Hello, four of us are in Gran Canaria ( playa del ingles ) at the moment for a ten-night stay ( 05/08/20-15/08/20.).
      Our hotel is running at about 50-60% capacity. This is great because there is no, Queueing for the restaurant, no queueing for tables at the entertainment, sunbeds are easily available etc.Our flight from the U.K was only 35% full so there were no delays in boarding and plenty of room on the plane ( Easyjet).
      Some of the shops are shut, but most are open as normal.Many of the trips out on excursions have been cancelled because of problems with social distancing.However, some still run.From what I have seen here they do a pretty good job of keeping everything clean and sanitised.They endorse wearing masks. vigorously.Its only natural to have concerns in the current climate but I feel you will be pleasantly surprised, I am. The beaches have plenty of space between you and third parties, in the U.K that simply is not the case.From the figures I have read ;
      Death rate Canary islands per million population.
      Death rate U.K per million population.
      According to these figures you are 8 times less likely to contract COVID in the Canaries than you would be if you remained in the U.K.

      • Kim Kristensen

        Much Good information. But your claim it’s 8 times more likely to die of Corona in UK than Canaria Islands is a false statement.
        The only thing you can claim is the ACTUAL Corona infection rate in UK vs Canary Islands
        (I don’t have either of them, but this is what current travelers can see as usefull)

      • Lee

        That 81 per million has since skyrocketed.. at the time of posting, it now stands at 504 per million, much higher than the UK.

  2. barryh

    I am hardly surprised that the U.K. has included the Canary Islands on it’s list. IT IS VERY HARD TO FIND INFORMATION FOR EACH ISLAND ON ANY WEBSITE. If the Islands are trying to separate themselves from Spain for tourist purposes they should make that information available to all people, locals and tourists. If the information is not updated and accessible how can you expect people to feel safe. The U.K. Govt and others may decide to remove you from the list but then you have to convince the “ordinary” people to come and feel safe

  3. BB

    You are right, I have been trying every day on the internet to find any information with regard to the individual Canary Islands. There is nothing out there.Only old news.
    I will not book anything untill I feel comfortable with there situation with regard to this pandemic.

    • Sadsyndrome

      Hi I looked for ages for this data and found a website which had daily cases per island. Not sure of accuracy of data but my calls Lanza is running 7 day cases at 90-100 per 100000 population. These figures calculated using population of 152289 which is not accurate because doesn’t include tourists I guess?

      • Sadsyndrome

        Forget my comment just realised the website is this one??? Haha

      • The Canary

        The data we publish is the official updates from The Canary Islands Regional Health Ministry, it is refreshed daily after 2pm with the figures up to 8pm the night before. It is the most accurate data available

  4. Roger

    Hi There,

    I have a couple of houses in Canaries and an NIE number but I am not resident, am I allowed to travel to my house
    from the UK with the current Spanish restrictions.


    • The Canary

      not currently, unless you are staying at a recognised tourist accommodation.

  5. STAN

    Hello, I understand since Gran Canaria is currently at Level 3 risk, I am not allowed to travel there from Germany, even with negative test results. Where do we expect to have another announcement on extension of that restriction (current restrictions are in power until 11th of Feb?)?

    • The Canary

      Yes it is assessed every Thursday, often with a brief review on Saturdays, though we have positive data right now it is thought any reduction in restrictions may be postponed for another week as this would usually be carnival time and the authorities are concerned about people relaxing too much too quickly. We will know more tomorrow

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