The Canary Islands forecasters are keeping a keen eye on the Atlantic storm that has been forming over recent days out to the west of the archipelago, using the latest satellite imagery from the ECMWF meteorological prediction centre. The storm system is moving towards the islands, but faces of an episode of high pressure, blowing in from North Africa to the east of us, that looks set to also invade the Spanish Peninsula and mainland Europe over the coming days.



Despite this clash of weather systems, the cyclonic eye of the storm is predicted to stop well before reaching the Canary Islands, once it meets the gusting winds from the east, which it is thought will prevent it coming closer to us, only leaving the tail end of its rains, which could be locally strong in the western most islands and province, before disappearing altogether.

According to meteorological forecasters, as the storm grows in coming days it will likely absorb airflows from North of Africa, potentially dragging increasing amounts of Calima haze and suspended dust from the Sahara, out over the ocean and the archipelago.

While some wet weather could well reach the islands from the south after this weekend, on Monday, based on these predictions the tail end of the Atlantic storm, which will continue to grow as it rumbles around the mid-Atlantic, could well reach the western islands by Wednesday, potentially with some force, leaving heavy rains on Thursday and Friday, especially on La Palma, El Hierro and at the peaks of Tenerife. The north Macaronesian islands, including Madeira and the Azores, may well be a little less lucky and receive the full brunt of the storm system over the course of next week. As for next weekend, the phenomenon looks set to dissipate without further disruption to the January skies, though we will have to take a closer look nearer the time to see how things have developed.

Last year, around this time, Storm Philomena brought strong winds and wet weather, but nothing, say the meteorologists, like last year is expected on the Canary Islands this January, with much milder days predicted for the second half of January, maximum temperatures in the shade will be mainly above 20ºC and night time minimum temperatures of around 16º or 17ºC are expected along the coasts, with only light rains predicted to the north of the islands.