Calima winds from the east often bring dust and sand from the Sahara which blanket the islands, much of the time also raising temperatures even during the winter months. Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has forecast a new episode of Calima due to arrive over the islands, particularly the eastern province, for this Friday, January 14.



Gusts of wind are expected over the next few days from the east and southeast, likely to bring more Calima which follows the barely departed heatwave experienced last week. The good news is that the suspended dust and warm air will likely prevent the arrival of an Atlantic storm, which is currently located west of the archipelago. According to their prediction models, this storm and the eastern winds will meet over the coming days, preventing the wet weather system from advancing towards the islands, and will instead divert it to the northwest of the archipelago, where it is expected to lose strength.

The storm is, however, still expected to bring some rains to the western islands of Tenerife, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera throughout Sunday and Monday, with a chance of that rain also reaching Gran Canaria.

Some cloudy skies are expected on Thursday, with intervals of low cloud to the northeast and east during the early morning. Temperatures will begin to rise slightly, with winds from the east, a little more intense on north and south facing slopes. Breezes are expected along the east and west coasts.

Stronger winds will start to pick up by Friday, bringing gusts from the east and the south east, and with them Calima haze travelling east to west, particularly noticeable on southern slopes, and expected to continue into the weekend.

Night time average temperatures of between 14º & 16ºC along the coasts during the days ahead, maximum temperatures in the shade are expected to reach 23º or 24ºC, warmer in direct sunlight, and a few degrees cooler the higher up into the mountains you go.

The long range forecast is showing a potential for a little rainfall as we move into next week.