The Calima bringing suspended dust from the African continent has been advancing towards the easternmost Canary Islands all day this Friday. Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AMET) has activated a yellow warning for dust that will limit visibility to just 3,000 meters on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and in fact this Friday afternoon visibility was very low on the North East of Gran Canaria, and was reported as being as low as 2,500 meters in the hour or so before sunset.



Tomorrow, Saturday, the Calima looks set to increase further, spreading throughout the archipelago, leading to an extension of yellow notices across all the islands. A second advisory notice will be added for strong gusts of wind, expected to reach more than 70 kilometres per hour, mainly affecting the southern facing slopes. Calima haze is expected to remain at least until Monday when rains from the south should disperse the dust suspended in the air over the archipelago.

According to Spain’s State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), a change to air circulation will increase the probability of rain on Monday, associated with a tropical-subtropical air mass and from Tuesday will be associated with a wet weather front.

So on Monday, AEMET expects weak to moderate rainfall, likely to be more intense on the southern slopes of the islands. In the eastern province, Las Palmas, intervals of medium and high cloud are expected. Calima haze will likely remain and strong winds will continue from the south and southeast, with some very strong gusts to be expected, especially inland and higher altitude areas. Temperatures will remain with little change ranging between 16º and 20ºC.

By Tuesday there is greater uncertainty, though it is likely that winds from the south and east will be prevalent, and temperatures will increase along with a potential for more rain, most abundant in the western province or Santa Cruz.

Air traffic controllers at Gran Canaria airport have already this afternoon reported a distinct reduction in visibility.

Calima dust reduces visibility to less than 2.5 km at Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)