Policia Local in the municipality of Ingenio, on the south west of Gran Canaria, have been coordinating with the town council Transport Department following an operation at Gran Canaria Airport, because of a large influx of travellers, leading to the detection of several infractions within the taxi sector and Tourist Vehicles with Driver (VTC) that were found to be operating without the proper permits.



The policia local inspection carried out resulted in 9 infractions to be processed by the Cabildo, island Government, due to at least one taxi from San Bartolomé de Tirajana, found providing services without authorisation through the platform enabled by the Cabildo for collecting airport passengers who have previously arranged the journey, and 8 VTCs who could not show the transfers booked at the time that they were identified.

In addition, a complaint has been filed against a taxi found operating in areas meant for other public transport operators.

The police operation, in addition to the transport inspection, enabled a traffic control, responding to requests from the airport management who demanded an intervention to regulate malpractice by private drivers who misuse the various spaces for loading and unloading, parking and areas designated for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM).

With regard to the traffic stops, 2 complaints have been issued regarding ITVs ( MOT, Technical test of vehicles) to be processed by the DGT ( The Directorate-General for Traffic) and 33 vehicles were reported on the upper floor, and one vehicle removed by a tow truck for having been parked for six hours on a pedestrian crossing.

There are strict rules regarding airport traffic, pickups and drop offs, with only licensed taxis from certain areas given permission to collect passengers without prior booking.  Similarly vehicles found to be repeatedly collecting or dropping off passangers are often looked into to confirm whether the journeys are authorised, or simply occasional, to try to avoid unlicensed transfers by unregulated drivers or companies.

Mind you, the scrutiny of traffic does not appear to be so invasive as to stop at least one driver from having parked illegally, on a pedestrian crossing, for more than six hours, before the Ingenio boys in blue managed to pick up on it.  Well done lads!