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Mogán Town Hall assume the beach management of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Mogán Town Hall assume the beach management of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Mogán Town Council take control of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria beach this Wednesday, November 24 in an official act of reversion that will conclude the private concession, to manage the beach and its services, which began nearly 50 years ago.

Puerto Rico S.A., the company formed in 1967 by the Roca family, owners of the entire valley, who invested, promoted and sold shares to pay for the early construction of this popular Gran Canaria resort town, received the official permission for exploitation of the Playa de Puerto Rico beach in 1972, officially opening the resort in 1974 when they were given permission to extend their concession until July 28, 2018.  However they were denied a further extension, in 2018, by the General Directorate of the Coast and the Sea, the Spanish Coastal authority, known as the Costas. Mogan town hall, and the current governing group, opposed the renewal, and among the reasons was a quoted invasion of 1,865 square meters of maritime-terrestrial public domain that had not been granted for this use in the original concession, which led to its privatisation, when part of it should have been destined for public services, an objection upheld by the Costas.

Puerto Rico S.A. filed an appeal, before the Contentious-Administrative Chamber, requesting the application of precautionary measures, thereby postponing any reversion of the concession until the decision of the Chamber had been published. Finally, on October 28 of this year, an order denying the petition from Puerto Rico S.A. was issued and annulling the company’s right to exploitation of the beach.

Puerto Rico was certainly the first artificially constructed beach on Gran Canaria, using sand brought from elsewhere and, it is believed to not only to have been the first designed in the Canary Islands but almost certainly the first of its kind in Spain.  Some even quote it as being the very first artificial tourist beach in the world.  The sand was brought in by Puerto Rico SA the same year they built the first shopping centre, around 1972, the owners of the company, the Rocas, having purchased the entire valley in 1966, starting construction two years later, and officially opening the resort to the public in 1974, making the Costa Mogán famous throughout Spain.

The Costas has summoned the Mogán Town Council next Wednesday, November 24, for the act of reversal, to formalise reception of the management of Puerto Rico beach by the local administration. From that date on, the Consistory will have the right to exploit the seasonal services, such as beach beds, parasols, cleaning services, lifeguard services and others, deriving income for the municipality and the town hall. Last July, the Mogan Consistory has also had responsibility for the Tauro beach, following the controversial handling of that project by the timeshare company Anfi Tauro S.A.  Mogán Town Hall are also understood to be positioning themselves to take over the concession on Puerto Rico SA’s second artificial beach at Amadores, where the concession has also not been renewed, pending ongoing legal action.

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