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La Aldea local police seize a crop around 1600 marijuana plants

La Aldea local police seize a crop around 1600 marijuana plants

The Policia Local in the west coast farming community of La Aldea de San Nicolás, in collaboration with the Guardia Civil, seized around 1600 marijuana plants, which yielded a weight greater than half a ton (around 600 kg), from a farm located in the municipality.

The operation was carried out on the morning of Friday, October 1, after an anonymous call was received at the Policia Local Headquarters, in which it was stated that, in the El Cruce area, and specifically at the back of the Red Cross facilities, there was a greenhouse dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of marijuana, with a house inside from which they also seized a bag with several kilos of buds.

The information was verified by the agents of the Local Police in a visual inspection of the greenhouse, who then requested the immediate collaboration of the Guardia Civil.

The plants were seized and removed, in addition to identifying the person responsible for the cultivation, who is now under investigation. He informed the agents that he lacks any official authorisation to grow, process or manufacture cannabis.


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