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Canary Islands Tourism Ministry begins repeal of anti-Covid measures for access to accommodation

Canary Islands Tourism Ministry begins repeal of anti-Covid measures for access to accommodation

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands agreed this Wednesday, October 6, after a meeting with Canary Islands’ employers, to start the process to repeal the decree law of extraordinary measures in tourism to face the effects of the health and economic crisis produced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The legal text which established that to access tourist accommodation on the Islands it would be necessary for them to prove that they are free of Covid 19, either with a diagnostic test, with the vaccination certificate or having had the illness or through a  declaration of not having left the islands in the 15 days prior to their stay, in the case of Canarian residents.

The regional minister Yaiza Castilla held the meeting with the presidents of the four Canary Islands tourism employers, Susana Pérez, from the Lanzarote FTL Tourist Federation and Asolán; Antonio Hormiga, from the Fuerteventura Tourism Business Association (Asofuer); Jorge Marichal, from the Hotel and Extra-Hotel Association of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro (Ashotel); and José María Mañaricúa, from the Federation of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Las Palmas (FEHT), to submit for their consideration, and that of their associates, the convenience of urging the Government to repeal this Decree-Law 17/2020, of October 29th.

In the proposal, Yaiza Castilla and the four employers’ representatives agreed that the advance of vaccination in Europe and the Canary Islands, as well as the existence of a procedure to control foreign travellers at airports requiring a vaccination certificate or diagnostic test for Covid with a negative result, “it makes it necessary to eliminate the existing double control (airport and accommodation) and relax the measures that were established in Canarian tourist accommodation establishments as protection against the disease and as a measure that will help strengthen the image of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination and guarantor of high standards for the protection of the health of its visitors”, said Castilla.

This decree-law approved by the Government and validated by the Parliament of the Canary Islands, at the joint proposal of the Ministries of Public Administrations, Justice and Security, Health and Tourism, Industry and Commerce, “has helped to guarantee the due protection of the health of its users, as well as of the workers, and contribute to minimising situations of low tourist demand due to fear of epidemiological outbreaks”, Castilla added saying that,” now, fortunately, the conditions are different and there are greater means of protection, such as vaccination”.

To start the process of repeal of the so-called Decree-Law 17/2020, of October 29, of extraordinary measures in tourism matters to face the effects of the health and economic crisis produced by the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the counselor will to urge the approval of said act within the Governing Council to later be validated by Parliament.

“The idea is that the accommodation establishments on the islands no longer have to deal with this procedure with the start of the high winter season in November, when a greater influx of customers is expected” .


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