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Animals trapped by lava on La Palma farm supplied by drones

Animals trapped by lava on La Palma farm supplied by drones

The Cabildo de La Palma has expressed gratitude for the collaboration of two companies on the island, Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life, which have been feeding a group of animals trapped, surrounded by lava, in the upper area of Todoque, for the last five days using a drone to transport food and water.

La Palma’s Councillor of Security and Emergencies, Nieves Rosa Arroyo, indicated in a statement that the situation was detected five days ago and that, after having carried out the relevant security studies, Ticom Soluciones SL was commissioned, along with Volcanic Life, to carry out the tasks of feeding and supplying water to the animals using drones.

Likewise, the Councillor has highlighted the work of these companies that have made themselves available during the emergency and whose work has been fundamental in locating and caring for these animals.

The team also have veterinary advice, on the most appropriate food and water intake, in this type of situation.

Both companies have communicated that they will continue with these tasks as long as the weather and security conditions allow it, since these are areas that cannot be accessed by land due to the high temperatures that are reached in the perimeter near the lava flows.

Editor’s Comment:

There has been no word yet on any sort of proposed rescue for these animals, and all of the dangers that would entail right now, with the focus appearing to centre on simply trying to keep them alive in the hope that an opportunity will present itself.  That La Palma are willing to try to help, in the midst of so much uncertainty, speaks volumes about their character as a caring and compassionate people.

The latest reports of a new cone collapse and increased lava flows to the north of the original path of the eruption have led to more evacuations and further destruction.

For now there have been no human injuries from this catastrophic phenomenon, despite the immense destruction, and the farm animals pictured here have found a lifeline, at least for now, while La Palma and the world watches to see what next from the unstoppable force of more than three weeks of eruptions and no clear end in sight.

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