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Spain’s Government Delegate, Anselmo Pestana, predicts “days of tension” in the face of migratory rebound this autumn

Spain’s Government Delegate, Anselmo Pestana, predicts “days of tension” in the face of migratory rebound this autumn

Spain’s Government delegate in the Canary Islands, Anselmo Pestana, has advanced, this Wednesday morning, that during the coming months “there will be days of great tension” because of the rebound in the arrival of migrants expected to the Archipelago after the summer months. Although, he stressed, the Archipelago now has accommodation resources that did not exist last autumn, so he hopes that situations like what happened on the Arguineguín Dock last year will not be repeated. Pestana pointed out that calm seas favour the departure of boats from the African coast, since “it makes the attempt to reach the Islands safer.” The Government delegate was speaking at the inauguration of the ‘Strategic challenges in the migration to Europe via the Atlantic route for the 2030 Horizon’ conference, being held at Casa África to analyse the evolution of migration over the next decade.

Pestana recalled that on Tuesday eleven irregular migrant boats arrived on the coasts of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, carrying about 400 migrants on board. In addition, he emphasised that this year more than twice as many people, than in the same period as the previous year, have already come to the Islands so far in 2021. “It is possible that in the coming months we will see tension with the reception centres, but today we have capacities, with which we are going to see if we can ensure, beyond the fact that there will be specific days when we have problems, that the resources we have facilitated serve to face this phenomenon,” said Pestana. He also highlighted the work of the organisations involved in the control and care of migrants, for whom “quite tough months” are expected moving forward.

Tackling migration, the Government Delegate pointed out, is complex and cannot be done from a single front. “We need political stability in the countries of departure, territories that aspire to have an advanced democracy, in which people can feel that they are useful for their country, and in which there is no corruption,” he said. In addition, he stressed that climate change will have a special impact on Africa, because the rise in temperatures will make some areas uninhabitable and food problems will increase. He also explained that Africa is expected to double its population over the next 30 years, from 1.2 billion people to about 2.5 billion, while in Europe the opposite is happening with a population in regression and weak demography, which is why the arrival of migrants is necessary.”

Pestana pointed out that the objective is to close the so-called Canary Route, because it is the “worst” from a humanitarian point of view, as it is the most deadly. “We have to make legal flows, so that people have hope that they can leave legally, reach Europe and have that future they are looking for,” he concluded.

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