With autumn around the corner the trade winds are blowing ever more temperate weather towards the archipelago, humidity has been rising noticeably in some places over recent days and the blue skies of the September Late Las Palmas Summer heralds a shift in the air.  The hot air masse expected to sit over the islands in coming days, with temperatures in direct sunlight certain to be much warmer than those advertised, is likely to produce some balmy nights and extraordinary sunsets and sunrises.  There could even be a hint of rain next week.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have declared a yellow warning for maximum temperatures in the shade of 34ºC on the slopes of the south, east and west of Gran Canaria , from this Wednesday. The rise in temperatures will be more pronounced in higher altitude areas and inland.  the southwest tourism coast of Mogán looks set to see temperatures in excess of 37ºC.



The warm weather episode will be accompanied by a slight Calima haze, at height, that has already been making itself felt this Tuesday across the island. From Wednesday, the Calima will increase and start to affect the entire eastern province and the southern slopes of the larger Canary Islands.

On both days, Wednesday and Thursday, the alert notice for heat will be in effect from 11 a.m. to 6:59 p.m.

For this Wednesday, coinciding with the local holiday the Dia del Pino, some cloud but otherwise clear skies are expected in general, intervals of low clouds along coastal strips of the western islands. The wind will be from the northeast.

On Thursday the skies remain slightly cloudy to clear except for intervals of pressure low during the early morning and early hours to the north of the islands. The increase in temperatures will be focused on Gran Canaria where many inland towns are forecast to exceed 30ºC some even reaching 35º in the shade , especially on the southern slopes. The wind will be from the northeast, with gusts that could occasionally be very strong on the northwest of Gran Canaria.

Looking ahead to Friday, slightly cloudy to clear skies are expected , except for intervals of low clouds during the early morning and early hours on the north of the islands and intervals of medium and high cloud. The probability of Calima haze at height remains, especially over the eastern islands. Temperatures will remain with little change and the wind is expected to be from the northeast, which could well mean the yellow heat warning being further extended.

On Saturday temperatures look set to continue to rise, especially the maximums, which could easily prolong the yellow advisory warning in force. Slightly cloudy to clear skies are expected, except for intervals of low cloud during the early morning to the north of the island. The winds will be from the northeast to the east.