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The Canary Guide Weekend Tips 6-8 August 2021

The Canary Guide Weekend Tips 6-8 August 2021

Another beautiful Gran Canaria summer weekend and the usual shift into August has started with beach traffic getting a little heavier around the island as native Canarians settle in to their main summer holiday month. Many local shops also change or shorten their opening hours to reflect the traditional summer break.

Though the pandemic is still with us for a while to come, and Gran Canaria moves up to the highest Alert Level, 4, starting from 00:00 on Sunday to Monday morning, there seem to be only minor changes when it comes to regular markets and most events, which continue with slightly lowered capacities and extra care and vigilance. Many local festivities had already switched earlier to pre-booked ticketing (still free of charge) as this is the way to best enjoy them, while observing modified rules and regulations, following the guidelines set by the regional government.

AEMET Weather predictions by for the south continue as sunny for the weekend ahead, light breezes and temperatures in the shade of around 30º C. Further north, some cloud will become more prominent and temperatures drop slightly, circling around 25º C in the shade.  It’s always much hotter in direct sunlight.

This weekend offers some wonderful opportunities to visit some of the islands prettier little towns, including Agaete, Santa María de Guía as well as the little neighbourhood of San Lorenzo, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as they are all celebrating their Patronal Saint festivities at the moment. There is still quite a special atmosphere, with decorated streets, even though some of the better attended popular public festivities and religious celebrations can’t take place due to the continuing health situation with COVID-19.  each town is still putting on a spectacle of one sort or another.  Well worth getting out on to the open road (by car or by bus) to see some of the unique and historical culture of the Real Gran Canaria.

*** Check the regular markets and a range of other events on our main calendar at The Canary Guide website***

6-7 August, Santa Maria de Guía
VII Clásica Ciudad de Guía

Classic cars on the roads of the north, on Gran Canaria this Friday and Saturday, with the ‘VII Clásica Ciudad de Guía’.  This is a regular event for historical vehicles and forms the fourth scoring test, for the XV Classic Cup Gran Canaria this season.

The event consists of two stages with two sections at an imposed average speed of less than 50 km per hour, carried out on the open roads, along with normal traffic, meaning the participants must respect road circulation rules at all times.

The basic info:

A tour passing through three municipalities: Guía, Gáldar and Moya, with two sections on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th.

The first will depart from La Atalaya de Guía at 20:00 to finish just after 23:00 after a route of 101,809 km, in 5 sections with 61 controls.

Saturday’s stage, between 10.30 and 14:00, takes in 109,824 km, in 6 sections with 49 controls.

Friday 6
18.00-20.00: Parking El Bardo (La Atalaya de Guía)
20.00: Start, ParkingEl Bardo
20.10: Cenobio de Valerón
20.42: Farilaga
20.55: Montaña Alta
21.18: Casas de Aguilar
21.43: Tres Cruces
22.11: Boca Barranco
22.35: Boca Barranco
23.02: Roque Prieto
23.09: Arrival, parking El Bardo

Saturday 7
09.00-10.30: Parking El Bardo, La Atalaya de Guía
10.30 Start,  Parking El Bardo
10.43: San Juan
10.51: Casas de Aguilar
11.15: Casas de Aguilar
11.49: Fontanales
12.22: Fagagesto
12.47: Cruce de Los Garajes
13.12: Fagajesto
13.19: Montaña Alta
13.50: San Juan
14.08: Arrival, parking El Bardo



Saturday, 7 August, La Aldea de San Nicolás
Mercadillo ‘Summergete’

La Aldea celebrates this Saturday, 7 August with the ‘Summergete’ market, an afternoon to enjoy various activities in the town centre.

From 17:00 to 22:00, there is a market, children’s entertainment and a summer photo booth. Offering a varied evening to enjoy a unique environment in the municipality of La Aldea, around the centre, its shops, bars and restaurants.





Saturday 7 August, Arucas
Mercado Agrícola de Arucas

This popular farmers’ market takes place every fortnight in the facilities of the Cabildo’s Agricultural Farm, located next to the turn-off to Arucas from the main GC-2, on the north coast of Gran Canaria. […Click here for the map location…]  The market comprises of some 65 exhibitors (farmers and ranchers) who sell their produce direct to the consumer, with the aim of lowering the costs and more directly benefitting the producer. From 09:00 – 13:30. 

The Arucas Agricultural and Livestock Market began in June 2008, on the initiative of COAG (Coordinator of Organisations of Farmers and Cattle Ranchers) and the Federation of Cattlemen of Gran Canaria (FedeGran), later moving to be run by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria who now promote the current market.

“Take the opportunity to enjoy the rugged and beautiful northern coastline of Gran Canaria with absolutely gorgeous views.” 

Sunday 8 August, Maspalomas
Rastro & Farmers’ market

This Sunday it’s the double whammy Sunday in Maspalomas with two markets on the same day.
The second hand market will be from 08:00 to 14:00 in the carpark of the Municipal Market of San Fernando


The very popular biweekly Farmers’ Market, in the carpark next to the football stadium and municipal offices from 08:00 – 14:00. A chance to purchase fresh, locally-grown food and value-added produce directly from growers or producers —  an authentic retail experience.



Sunday 8 August, San Lorenzo Las Palmas
Mercado Agrícola de San Lorenzo

This is a perfect opportunity to visit the San Lorenzo Agricultural Market on Sunday from 08:00 to 13:30. This unique little population centre in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is celebrating at the moment with their main festivities Fiestas San Lorenzo between 1-15 August.

The market is held every weekend in the open air and has 26 stalls that offer agricultural produce and direct from the producers themselves. The market maintains its own personality and preserves the natural charms still linked to the rural world on the outer edges of the capital.

Always open, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
El Museo Canario

A visit to El Museo Canario in the capital is a great way to explore the unique pre-hispanic history of this island.

An archeological museum, itis dedicated to the pre-colonial history of the Canary Islands, transporting you to the past to shows visitors first-hand the ways of life of the aboriginal population. Mummies, skulls, ancient artefacts and so much more.

The Canario Museum is located in the historic district of Vegueta, close to the cathedral and the Plaza de Santa Ana. It is a privileged and interesting area, well worth a wander around the old town.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 14:00.

All safety protocols are in place so that your visit can be totally safe. General ticket €5 and special €3.




The 19th Hotel Meloneras 

Live music from 21:45
On Friday – Hits 4 Life
On Saturday – The Champions
On Sunday – Gary Lithgow

The Kitchen is open from 18:00 – 23:00






Kelly Marlow

Find out more about this astounding US Rock sensation, now a local star on Gran Canaria, playing to an international audience, keeping it real, keeping it Rock!.

Friday – Nirvana Bar – at 20:00 in Arguineguín, Ancora Centre
Saturday – Rockabella – at 20:00 in Playa del Inglés
Sunday – The Devil’s Pub – at 20:00 in Puerto Rico


The Champions are the rockin’est husband and wife – guitar/vocal duo playing 50’s/60’s Rock N Roll/Rockabilly

On Friday – Bulldog bar restaurant in Playa del Ingles at 21:00
On Saturday – The 19th Hole Meloneras in the shopping center Varadero at 21:45

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