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More than 15,000 active Covid cases in The Canary Islands though there are signs that this fifth wave is slowing down

More than 15,000 active Covid cases in The Canary Islands though there are signs that this fifth wave is slowing down

The Canary Islands registered 820 new Covid positives over the last 24 hours, this Thursday (20 more than on Wednesday), bringing the number of currently active cases to 15,265, according to data from the Ministry of Health released this afternoon. The number is lower than last Thursday’s daily total, when 972 new infections were reported.

President Torres announced that his government will not be stopping over August, as is usual, announcing the continuation of Governing Council meetings to analyse the evolution of the pandemic as is needed.

For the latest Canary Islands data on Covid-19, updated daily, check our Canary Islands dashboard

The Regional Executive are planing to approve new regulations this month to bring together all health measures in order to give the Government maximum legal coverage, in the face of the Regional High Court’s repeated rejections of several important measures they have recommended in recent weeks and months. The  Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) overturned their proposals for curfews and restricted access only for vaccinated people to allow entry to the interior of establishments, while it approved other measures related to capacity, said President Torres in his statements this afternoon.

Regional Minister for Health, Blas Trujillo, stated that the new norm ” is still in an embryonic state” and that “between August 13 and 17” the Governing Council will study new measures.

Vaccination campaign aimed at “shocking”

The Canary Islands Government is working on a new advertising campaign to encourage greater numbers of people to get vaccinated against coronavirus and achieve a higher levels of immunisation.  Trujillo announced that this new initiative will aim to be “shocking” and will be shown in 3D, to more visually represent the experience of a patient with coronavirus admitted to an ICU.

Torres emphasised that the Canary Islands currently have about 64% of the target population immunised and that on the smaller islands of El Hierro, La Palma and La Graciosa they have already reached 70%. “In August there will be no rest, but more vaccines will be administered among the young population.”

In relation to tourism, the president believes it is positive that the United Kingdom has kept Spain and the Canary Islands on their amber travel list, key for the revival of tourism, particularly from October, “when we have a unique product that requires… a good epidemiological situation”.

Canary Islands Health Service vaccination teams have now administered 2,619,192 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Up until yesterday, 1,241,771 people had been fully immunised having received the complete vaccination schedule, adding up to 63.3% of the target population over 12 years of age.

The emerging primary concern at the moment is that the Delta variant currently represents more than 80% of all new infections, and has been identified as the variant that is most able to infect vaccinated people, albeit with much lower likelihood of severe infection requiring hospital care.

The Latest Data:

The Canary Islands have thus far detected a grand total of 83,385 cases since the start of the pandemic. Of these, 15,265 remain active ( totalling 372 more than yesterday), of which 95 individuals are admitted to Intensive Care Units (four more than yesterday), 473 are admitted on to the hospital ward (eight more than yesterday) and 14,607 are currently being treated and monitored in home isolation. 58% of Archipelago’s currently active cases this Thursday are on Tenerife.

Since the start of the pandemic 840 people have lost their lives to Covid-19. Over the last 24 hours 446 patients have recovered from the infection, meaning that a total of 67,280 have been epidemiologically discharged since the very first Canary Islands coronavirus infection back on January 30 2020.

The current Accumulated Incidence (AI) at 7 days stands at 236.68 per 100,000 inhabitants and the AI at 14 days is now 494.36/100k.

Latest Canary Islands data indicators on which the weekly “Traffic Lights” Health Alert system is based.

Tenerife adds 422 cases this Thursday, having now exceeded 40,000 infections in total since the beginning of the pandemic. The island currently has 8,898 active cases after yesterday’s 222 discharges.

Gran Canaria registers 347 new cases, having accumulated 31,556, of which 5,535 are still active, taking account of the latest 113 epidemiological discharges.

Lanzarote reports 15 new cases, to total 6,211, of which 177 are still active, having discharged 10 more.

Fuerteventura have added 30 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing their total to 3,603 of which 508 remain active, and add 69 more have been discharged.

La Palma adds another five cases, to total an accumulated 996, of which 104 are still active, with 17 more having recovered.

La Gomera have added no new cases today and discharged 12.

El Hierro adds one new case and have discharged three.

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