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July registers an increase in calls to 1-1-2 for gender violence

July registers an increase in calls to 1-1-2 for gender violence

The specialised Women’s Victims of Violence Service (SAMVV 1-1-2) report having answered 3.29% more calls than during the same month of 2020. The month of July produced 1,445 calls, the highest monthly volume of calls so far this year. Of the total calls received, 66% (943) were for emergency situations, 12% (193) were classed as urgent, and the rest, 22% (309) were for specific information. Emergency Deployments for Battered Women on the islands (DEMA) were activated on 187 occasions and 6 women as well as 9 minors had to be accommodated having to leave their homes to get away from their abuser.

Of the types of violence reported, about half of the calls (49%) referred to non-physical violence, 43% were physical violence. The rest were classed as coordinated or undefined violence. The number of calls increased on all the islands except Lanzarote, with respect to the month of June, and the largest number of calls came from the capital islands, 599 on Gran Canaria and 598 on Tenerife.

The specialist telephone service, financed by the Canary Islands’ Institute of Equality (ICI), is provided from the operating rooms of the Emergency and Security Coordination Center, CECOES 1-1-2, throughout the territory of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In case of emergency or in any case of gender violence, in addition to calling 112, any woman who feels threatened or a person close to her, can ask for help at pharmacies through the Mask-19 protocol.

At pharmacies here they all know to call 112 if you request a “Mascarilla19” (“Mascarilla diecinueve”). If you need information or advice, you can call 016 or consult the closest healthcare resource to your place of residence in the Support Network Guide on care services for female victims of gender violence in the Canary Islands, look on the website or at the Redvican mobile app.



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