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Investigated for animal abandonment for keeping a pony without food in a dangerous enclosure

Investigated for animal abandonment for keeping a pony without food in a dangerous enclosure

The SEPRONA Nature Protection Service of Santa María de Guía, proceeded on July 30 to investigate the owner of a pony, suspected of the crime of abandonment of animals, detailed in Article 337 of the criminal code, for having an animal in a farm located in the municipality of Firgas without the minimum conditions required regarding food and sustenance, suspected of abandonment of the animal in deplorable conditions.

The actions began on July 23, when SEPRONA learned through citizen collaboration about the abandonment of a pony at a farm located near the urban area of the municipality of Firgas.

Immediately the Guardia Civil in collaboration with the Department of Health and Animal Welfare in the Municipality of Firgas carried out an inspection with a veterinarian belonging to the Las Palmas veterinary college, locating the farm and discovering how the equine lacked water and food at least at the time of the inspection, SEPRONA agents having to give the pony clean water with the collaboration of local neighbours.

The animal appeared to have been abandoned in lamentable facilities, lacking minimum hygiene and safety conditions. The enclosure made of pallets and a corrugated iron roof, made conditions unsustainable for the animal’s welfare, particularly on hot days in summer.

In addition, the enclosure had dangerously sharp near to the feeder, which due to the blindness of the pony, made the situation even more dangerous for the animal, in this precarious enclosure, because when walking around it was presented with multiple obstacles. There were no prepared areas (padded or protected) to alleviate blows against walls or corners.

The corral in turn contained a large amount of feces and dirt as the animal apparently did not receive regular care, the pony even nibbling the pallets that made up the corral. That is why the people of the area, on several occasions, took charge of feeding the animal when they saw it in these conditions, throwing food over the fence.

For this reason, the Guardia Civil initiated the appropriate police investigations to find out the identity of the owner of the animal, resulting in the identification of a 43-year-old man from Firgas, who has no prior police record in relation to animal abuse. In addition, SEPRONA, coordinated with the health and welfare department of ​​the Firgas town hall, and took the appropriate steps so that the pony was transferred to an animal shelter that took charge of its collection to provide the necessary care.

As for the owner, he has been investigated for a crime of animal abuse by abandoning this animal in conditions that could endanger his life or safety, leaving the proceedings at the disposal of the corresponding Guard Court of Arucas.




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