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Iconic Riu Palace Maspalomas reopens as upgraded 5 star, adults-only hotel

Iconic Riu Palace Maspalomas reopens as upgraded 5 star, adults-only hotel

Hoteliers, RIU (a company part owned by TUI), on Friday 30 July reopened, what is perhaps, their most emblematic property, located next to the dunes on the south of Gran Canaria, following a more than €10 million renovation.


The RIU Palace Maspalomas holds great significance for the chain as it was the very first Riu Palace, which it opened in 1989, progenitor of a new concept and product line which the company has subsequently extended around the world.

The comprehensive renovations lasted nearly five months have allowed this adult-only hotel to raise their rating to 5 stars.

This is the last of  RIU’s accommodations in Spain to reopen, with all those on the island of Gran Canaria having been completely renovated.

The original hotel building was constructed in 1970 in a most privileged position overlooking the famous Dunes of Maspalomas, and Riu took it on in the 80s. The last time the Riu Palace Maspalomas was fully renovated was 18 years ago, after four months of intense reform and renovation work, and other €10 million, it reopened in October 2003. 

There was concern last year when news of the hotel’s sudden closure, during the global pandemic, was leaked without proper explanation from the RIU group, based in Mallorca, an oversight that was quickly rectified with a summary of their contingency plans to mothball several hotels until tourism could re-start following the State of Emergency


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