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Gran Canaria Cabildo approves allocation of €1.4 million to new INFECAR pavilion project

Gran Canaria Cabildo approves allocation of €1.4 million to new INFECAR pavilion project

An increase in demand for services and spaces in the field of trade fairs, congresses, work meetings and exhibitions has made the expansion of the Canary Islands Fairgrounds essential, with the construction of a new pavilion and a building for complementary uses planned for the main exhibition centre in the capital. An initiative to which the Plenary of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, in its last session, approved an allocation of €1.4 million.

The Island Government considers it essential to undertake these works as soon as possible, in order to maintain the current growth of the activity and increase competitiveness at INFECAR, the Plenary Session gave the green light to a credit modification for €1.4 million, financed by the treasury, money which will be used for the tender of the project and optional management.

The objective of the Cabildo is to provide INFECAR with infrastructure that will become an international benchmark, for high architectural quality and a multifunctional nature, since, in addition to fairs uses, it will have facilities and spaces capable of responding to other needs, such as administrative, sports, cultural, exhibitions and even healthcare, if necessary.

Once this initiative materialises, the current offer from the Canary Islands Fair Ground, consisting of pavilions, a conference centre with multipurpose rooms, two parking areas and garden areas, a main pavilion of 8,500 square meters built space, will be incorporated and configured as a single open space; and a building for complementary uses, and a buildable area on the ground floor of 1,574 square meters, with 8 floors above the ground and one below, which will have exterior and interior public space, an access hall, toilets, offices, restaurant space and facilities.

Similarly, it should be noted that INFECAR is designed as a sustainable building, so it must be compatible with what is known as, BREEAM Very Good Sustainability Certification and the necessary measures will be implemented to make it carbon neutral, both during its construction phase and when it is operational.

Specifically, alternative construction materials or processes that reduce the amount of CO2 produced in both phases will be used; A very efficient building is to be created, due to its design and location, in order to minimise energy consumption, so that systems can be installed that allow the generation of renewable energy in situ, for which the experts from the Insular Corporation propose a photovoltaic installation; and, a reduction in the consumption of water and the generation of waste.

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